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    Priest Proffesion choice. Need Help.

    Im looking for a proffesion that can benefit me for raiding.
    My current proffesions on my priest are Jewelcrafting/Mining :-\

    I was thinking about changing to Tailoring/Anything

    I need feeback if this is a good idea or not.

    Btw money is not a issue. ;D

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    Re: Priest Proffesion choice. Need Help.


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    Re: Priest Proffesion choice. Need Help.

    If money is not the issue, then definitely dump the mining since you don't need a gathering profession.

    Enchanting is potent. +38 SP is strong (+19 / ring), and you'll always have mats from de'ing drops, quest rewards (when you do quests), and the gear you're replacing.

    JC I would keep, as the unique BOP cut gems are similarly potent, and can provide a lot of relief when trying to meet meta requirements meaning you don't have to settle for less than ideal gemming in your slots.

    TBH, I would probably avoid tailoring as traditionally you can get better gear raiding than you can craft. The MUCH cheaper spellthreads are nice, but again no better if money is no concern. The unique benefit of the cloak embroidery is potent, but probably not so much as can be gained from others.

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    Re: Priest Proffesion choice. Need Help.

    Thank you for the feedback
    I'l go Jewelcrafting/Enchanting for good reasons.

    Merry Christmas

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