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    survivability idea - warlock phase shift

    i dont know if this idea has been tossed around before but how about once a minute for 3-5 seconds a lock have the ability to phase shift like imp, makes invulnerable but also cant get healed, removes all debuffs and can move at full speed but any casting ends it early. this isnt long enuf that arena players have to change focus but would prevent a lock from getting killed in the first 10 seconds. he could now live 15 seconds. plus some players abilities would be on CD now and give locks a chance. this would remove stuns as well. or the debuffs dont go away but dont affect the lock during the duration of the phase shift. so dots and bleeds wouldnt dmg the lock for the shift but would return once out of shift, even a stun would.
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    Re: survivability idea - warlock phase shift

    so basicly a walking iceblock that last half the duration of a real iceblock?

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    Re: survivability idea - warlock phase shift

    Have to agree to the above a bit. I dont want my lock to become more like a Sissy Galore Class mage. Locks been about surviving / outlasting in the past and i prefer that mages stick to their gimics and we stick to the somewhat more positional defense built around agressive spells like the nonworking fear.

    Its even a bit farfetched for me to give locks a "circle-blink" but seems its needed once they make it usefull.
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