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    usefull addons?

    Hi all
    I was wondering wether someone advice me some helpfull addons which make raiding and pvp easier.
    It would be nice if you also said what they do and a link to a ss is always welcome.
    I downloaded a UI from Wowinterface so dont need bartender kind of addons more things like omen threath meter or recount
    addons i use atm:
    -omen threath meter.

    and merry x-mas all.
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    Re: usefull addons?


    You need a bar addon and you have to know your keybindings, then you can hide the bars and have less cluster. It's needed for PvP and a nice advantage for raids!

    -> Healer: Grid & Quarz, DeadlyBossMods/BigWigs
    -> DamageDealer: BigWigs / CooldownTimers
    -> Tank: Dunno?

    Addons that provide knowledge about the enemy (like Proximo and NatursEnemyCastbar) and some good macros.

    Don't forget some useful typical class addons.

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    Re: usefull addons?

    Use curse, there is specific topics there called: Raid addons, PvP addons...

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    Re: usefull addons?

    I really liked autobar, because having to fumble around in my bag was a pain in that ass.

    But I felt that it used far too much memory for a bar addon, so I kept looking around.

    I have just found something called 'select', which works on macros.

    I have a collection of buttons that would make sense to us all, one for food, water, mounts, vanity pets, quest items, mana potions.

    How the mount one works and pretty much same idea for the others is that you create a macro as per usual, the text you insert to begin with is :

    /select companions: mounts
    Drag this macro to your bar, and right click it. Up pops a stack of buttons for each mount you have. Left clicking an item in that menu makes the main button that item.
    Left clicking the main bar button uses it as per usual.

    This is very similar to how autobar works but with far less resource usage.

    My only gripe is that i can't make a button that shows my tradeskills and campfire like autobar did.

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