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    anyone use this UI? i tried it out and really i think i peed a lil it is everythign i ever wanted in a ui but there was just one problum.... im currently stuck using a lil tiny 17in normal non widescreen monitor and the buttons on the ui are uber duper super tiny like 2 tiny to use comfortably... if anyone uses this ui could u please tell me how i could just scale it up to make everythign just a lil bit bigger on my screen

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    If you dont have, try the "ui scale slider" in the wow standard display settings, if its not on top alrdy, try to move it up! not rly sure if the UI you are using will change, but its worth a try!

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    I haven't seen the UI, but from I understand, you want to increase the scale of the different UI elements. This is easy to fix, but you might need to move around the different parts of the UI to make it looks like it should again. Just go into Video Options -> Check "UI Scale" box, and drag the slider to the right until you get a result you like. Though, as I said, you will have to move everything to it's correct position.

    Hope this helped.
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