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    Bongos cornucopia

    Ok after so much time, of waiting/searching or whatever i come to ask put the question here, maybe someone has the answer for me.

    Is there any addon that can replace Bongos cornucopia? I dont need a bar addon to replace bongos(this is for those who never heard about cornucopia). I dont need a minimap addon, there are plenty. I need one that will allow me to customize my roll frame, my PVP frame(or whatever is that thing called, that appears in BG/Arenas/PVP oriented areas), my durability frame and maybe even the tooltip.

    I need 2 basic sutomization: scale size and move.

    Anyone knows anything that can do all of that or at least 1 of them?

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    Re: Bongos cornucopia

    Ndragit allows you to move all defult blizzard frames


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