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    Pally Professions to make gold ;D

    Skinning is a good way to make money in northrend? Because I have my hunter with herb and my warrior with mining, not sure if I should go with skinning on my pally >_<

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    Re: Pally Professions to make gold ;D

    Skinning is probably the least profitable. If you need mats yourself, then maybe. If you prioritise areas based on mobs, maybe. Other wise take mining/herb OR take one of those and skinnning, since tracker flicking is more than i can be bothered to do

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    Re: Pally Professions to make gold ;D

    Definitely go herbalism and mining. With crusader aura we can farm a lot faster.
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    Re: Pally Professions to make gold ;D

    I make a lot of money farming skins. Strangely, most of it comes not from the leather but rather from the various meats the mobs drop. The leather sells as well, but it's maybe only a third of the sales.

    I farm different things depending on my mood. 1) leather and corresponding meats. 2) ore. 3) eternals (especially fire). I've found them all to be about equally profitable on my server, given the same time investment. Mining used to be the most profitable but titanium ore is down to about 5g now...

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    Re: Pally Professions to make gold ;D


    Prot pally + enchanting is some of the easiest mats farming possible.

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    Re: Pally Professions to make gold ;D

    Quote Originally Posted by wowconomics
    You can make gold with every profession, you just need to know how to do so.

    There are profession gold making guides on my site below.
    Totally agree, heavy borean leather goves for 150+ on my server, arctic fur going for 120g. And soon, with this patch, frozen orbs might be going up again.

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