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    Ofcourse, another QQ thread! :D

    Okay, this is just freaking ridiculous, I was trying to get the With a little helper from my friends achievements, so I tried out to pvp a bit and get the Merrymaker title. PvE gear, full s3 gear in the bank but I was like .. meh, this won't take long. Boy-oh-boy did it. What the heck has happened to warlocks, or better to say, what the heck as happened to WoW: PVP department. Did I miss a memo that said the game was changed to World of Overpowered-Meleecraft. Yeah yeah, go on with the L2P NOBO!1oen1, or the "You've been OP for 2 years, eat it". But this is totally different. They compare us with retri paladins in tbc, but we're not even close to that. At least they had 1 viable spec in arena/pvp - Holy. We have non specs atm, that are near viable, so we don't get 2 shot by any melee. I did pvp for 2 years as an SL/SL warlock, with some times in between as UA or Shadowfury, for a change. But at least, I could win a 1v1. Then s3 kicked in, along with Armor Penetration, which already made melee OP. Anyhow, Blizzard has promised "changes and overhauls", but paladins had to hear that for 2 expansions 'till they got some result. Think it will take as long for us, as it will for the paladins ? Because if so, I'm going back to my druid or DK. Let the flaming begin .. I just had to say this, battleground chat is getting sick of me.

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    Re: Ofcourse, another QQ thread! :D

    the people that are saying L2P, are the melee classes that now 2 shot people that think randomly over night they learned to play miraculously. Nevermind the fact that u got weapons with such retarted stats, almost doubling (if not more) your damage output. EG warglaives being a great damage output sword, obviously, 103 dps, and now Kel't. drops weapons that are 223 dps, scale that wit their increased strength and agility and other stats recieved on the new weapons and gear obviously they are going to be OP.

    if u want to rebut with well sp was increased on weapons too, look at it like this, when i had the 263 sp dagger at the end of TBC that ment i added 263 damage to every spell, so now i have 408sp dagger, so instead i only added 145 damage to every spell with my new gear, cause 145 makes a significant dent in that warriors 23k health.

    I might be wrong but i was just thinking about this today when i read a different topic sayin something similar about melee/SP weapons

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    Re: Ofcourse, another QQ thread! :D

    I am a feral druid and was unable to shift forms at all in order to obtain this achievement. If I was able to do it without much trouble then I say quite qqing when your wearing level 70 gear in an 80 bg.

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    Re: Ofcourse, another QQ thread! :D

    Quote Originally Posted by Skivoh
    I just wanna go 80 get my circle and use it for going from the ah to the mailbox.
    sad that it only gets you 1/4th the way there.

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    Re: Ofcourse, another QQ thread! :D

    From dev standpoint 40y is pretty far. In reality it's claustrophobicly close.

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    Re: Ofcourse, another QQ thread! :D

    Anyone else read the main page stating the big changes wont hit before uldar (if we are lucky we'll get em then) and we might get some bandaids first but no promises. So it sounds like lock pvp fixes are not anytime soon. Uldar is what....this summer?

    So we get to be utterly useless for the full duration of S5?
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