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    Divine Hymn, what for ?

    Pardon for my english - not my native language.
    Have played priest for a very long time. Used to play as shadow as holy, have a good pvp experience. By that time i have found the usage for every single spell, and for most talents in all 3 trees.
    Except the new one - divine hymn.

    It seems useful - another CC, but with a one single problem - it has a shared CD with fear. Even more. Every Fear starts the count of Hymns CD from more then twice of Fear CD. It is not instant cast - so what is this spell for ?

    As i have said I have had a *full* priest life. As at arena floor, as in 5-dungeons so as in raids, wish is not the same.
    And i actually don't see the place were this new spell is needed. So why would blizz bother about it at all?

    5-men dungeon. I do remember several times when i had to use fear, just because tank was about to die or the tank lost a mob, which takes a DPS as a target. This situations needed a fast decisions not a 1.5 second cast spell. Some DPS will not survive more then one heroic mob hit just like a priest himself by the way.
    So this can not be *oh.. shit* spell.
    And i don't actually belive that group leader will count on such type of non instant, unrecastable, short range CC.

    Raid. hmm.. priest as actually or healer or DPS, seems strange, yes ? ;D So he is making full DPS or healing. And he never bother about the work he is not supposed to do, like CC. Just because he has the task and he should do it well.

    Arena. Vast variety of unpredictable situation.. But actually... being quite a good pvp priest last season i cant find a place for this spell.
    There are actually 2 types of openings. Or I am attacked... or I attack - unbelievable, yes? :P
    In the first case my task is to create pressure, to make the enemy play in defensive style.
    In the second case i have to survive the first nuke and again transform the game into the attacking style. Does not actually mater what spec i am - Priest in defense is a dead priest.

    I don't really remember the time when i had to keep fear for longer then 20-30 sec after it is of the CD. It is a Priests kick, the way to break a spell, or to CC the enemy for finishing burst.
    So... Where do a have to find more than a minute to let the hymn get of CD provoked by last fear ???

    And it is not instant cast, which for my experience useless if you are in a LoS of most enemies. With a 10-radius even a melee can manage to break your spell while focusing another target.
    And by the way the holy school spell which is dangerous to be locked, if you are a healer. 4-5 sec 2dd burst from 100-0% was a reality in a4 season.

    So.. again.. where do i have to find more then a min to let the spell of the last fear CD? Does blizz really think that a priest have that vast amount of time in arena during which he has no right to use instant fear? What for?

    And the last aspect or a game is solo... Did you use many abilities while soloing ? I didn't. Shield - HF,MB, smite... R new mob. Or Shield - MB, MF... new mob. Some times even doting every single body and healing while they all are dead. Did not use fear or DH even a single time while leveling from 70-80.

    I don't think we need something else, better or worse. I just want to know why do we need useless spell ?
    Situations where the tank lost all the mobs he should tank or the rogue first saw the kick or ShS+kick button is not under discussion.
    Or maybe i just get used to old fashion fear ? :

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    Re: Divine Hymn, what for ?

    I have found a use. The achievement in Azjol where you have to keep the watchers alive.

    Other than that?

    Totally and utterly useless...

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    Re: Divine Hymn, what for ?

    Quote Originally Posted by dionadar
    I have found a use. The achievement in Azjol where you have to keep the watchers alive.
    Does it work on the watchers?

    Because then it's suddenly very very interesting.

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    Re: Divine Hymn, what for ?

    I believe you can use it on the adds on Gluth as well, to give your kiter some time to catch his breath
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    Re: Divine Hymn, what for ?

    Getting a rogue out of stealth because of the bigger range. Other then that (almost) u- to the -seless. Fear > DH.

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    Re: Divine Hymn, what for ?

    does work on the watchers yeah, tried it out myself.

    And yep, imho tends to suck it up old school in most situations, though im pretty sure i read a blue (cba digging up a link you'll just have to trust me) saying they were planning on redesigning the Hymn spells (divine and -of hope), wether they're total rehauls to make them the priest "thing" (like Hands for paladins etc) is yet to be seen.

    Time will tell
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    Re: Divine Hymn, what for ?

    I use it on bossfights, for the hot mainly, it ticks quite fast but is negligible. And propably because I had nothing better to do...

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    Re: Divine Hymn, what for ?

    Its very useful in pvp against a shaman team and another priest with fear ward up.

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    Re: Divine Hymn, what for ?

    I asked the same question from myself, but then I found it being extremely useful spell. I don't know PvP pov, but for PvE, it is amazing.

    Keeping in mind that I'm not holy, therefore not CoH-specced, it is only raidwide healing spell I have - and it is even better than CoH, assuming you don't have to have constant movement.

    Only downside I can see is the fact that it has 6 min cd, which is kinda too much.
    CC-part can be useful as well, altough rarely enough. Gluth adds when lacking some DPS [+hoping for not bad RNG-resist giving pain suppression..], or, for example, Watchers and their adds. Altough we did it differently. :P

    So well, I'm just hoping for smaller cd [or Aspiriation affecting it], very happy with the spell overall though.

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    Re: Divine Hymn, what for ?

    Quote Originally Posted by cabreil
    Its very useful in pvp against a shaman team and another priest with fear ward up.
    like he's said already for a holy priest it's hard to use being they can trinket out of it getting silenced casting it and if they trinket out of they get pretty much a free Pain Suppression being able to heal

    The only use i've had for it was doing Gluth in naxx with a bad kiter (ended up having the DK OT tank adds and one dps slap on some tank gear)

    either way for a 6 minute CD that's shared with fear it's a pretty useless spell with very minimal use

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    Re: Divine Hymn, what for ?

    Quote Originally Posted by cabreil
    Its very useful in pvp against a shaman team and another priest with fear ward up.
    isn't a dispel spam good there? I usually dispel everything as soon I see them as other priests do to me...

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    Re: Divine Hymn, what for ?

    As i said - fear provokes the long CD on DH. It means you must start from non instant DH.
    As for a priest - it is easier to catch him with my own fear_ward_in time+fear then running rounds without using fear since the very start or the fight trying to get the moment.
    As for the shaman... need testing since in most times it is the place where my team starts the fight. So there are some ways to use non instant at the beginning. But... there was no actual problem to catch shaman without the totem before the wotlk. Thanks to mace/sw:d. I don't think something changed now.
    As for aoe healing... did not think actually
    I get used to PoH, CoH(hps/hpm)

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    Re: Divine Hymn, what for ?

    When gluth does his (I forgot his skill's name) thingy that ptu everyone low hp, and adds are coming to him, you use it because fail DPSer couldn't switch fast enough.

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    Re: Divine Hymn, what for ?

    found a pretty good use for it =p

    when i go mining and i see an ally hitting a titanium node, i drop down, dh, hit the nod and fly away

    i'd imagine it would work the same for herbs.

    maybe not the intended use

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    Re: Divine Hymn, what for ?

    in the new orgrimar arena this is a wonderful spell to open with. cast before the bars lower and itll be done right as theyre down. then you can pick on whoever you like.

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    Re: Divine Hymn, what for ?

    Honestly, I think the spell could turn out beneficial. But the cast-time is way to long, it should preferable be a instant like Paladin's Repentance.
    And it needs to be changed into a Disciplin spell so Shadow Priests also benefit from it.

    But ofcource, the entire matter of it's useable or not require the shared CD with Fear to be removed, along with Dimishing Returns!

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    Re: Divine Hymn, what for ?

    Nezoia speaks the truth

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