Thread: Cooking on ptr.

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    Cooking on ptr.

    Yday, on the ptr, i noticed something i didn't read anywhere so i'm just going to report it here.

    Atm on the live servers at 436 cooking skill or so, all the recipes are green and it take ages to get to 450, yesterday while looking at my cooking book, on the ptr, i noticed the small and gigantic feast at 446( <- live server cooking skill) were Yellow and not green anymore.

    In other words it will be much easier to get to 450 cooking skill.



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    Re: Cooking on ptr.

    edit: you fixed it right before i posted this. nvm.

    other than that, sweet. yellow patterns yay!

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    Re: Cooking on ptr.

    Have they added in the 3 missing cooking recipies from the achievement? Fish Feast was part of a patch note, but there was no mention of the other 3.

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