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    QuestHelper Vs. Carbonite Vs. ?

    I've been lurking around this forum for quite some time now. I feel it's time to contribute.

    I've been using QuestHelper for since the addon was released and I love every moment of it, but from what i've been reading there might be even better addons out there for such a task that QuestHelper does. But it seems everyone has mixed reviews about all these addons. Let's set the record straight. Which one is better? QuestHelper, Carbonite, or (other)?

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    Re: QuestHelper Vs. Carbonite Vs. ?

    LightHeaded is the (?) addon you're thinking of . And they're all good, some just have a preference.

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    Re: QuestHelper Vs. Carbonite Vs. ?

    Yep, all good other than the fact that Questhelper forces you to open your world map to see where all the flightpaths are leading you and to allow you to prioritize the quests. Carbonite has a little quest list that lets your select the quests you wanna finish first without having to open up the world map, and shows you a little minimap with shaded areas of where quest objectives are so you know when youve gone too far. Lightheaded has to load from wowhead for coordinates which slows the process down. Out of all Carbonite is the best for quick and easy questing, but as the previous poster said, it depends on the person, try them all out and see which ones suits you best.

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    Re: QuestHelper Vs. Carbonite Vs. ?

    I really can't stand the interface of carbonite. I tried using it for a few levels, but I always go back to QuestHelper.

    I used LightHeaded for a good while. I liked it more then Carbonite also.

    EDIT: It really does depend on the person. I personally don't see how anyone could say that carbonite is the fastest since I did worse with it then with QuestHelper. It really is all about what works best for you so your best bet is to just try them all out. Each has their own little things that make them work better for different people.

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    Re: QuestHelper Vs. Carbonite Vs. ?

    I've used carbonite for a few levels, and I ended up going back to QH. The free version of Carbonite doesn't have a quest filter, so it was constantly pointing me to instance quests and group quests that I didn't want to do. I know I can manually switch which quest is being tracked, but that kinda defeats the purpose of using a "cruise control" quest mod.

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    Re: QuestHelper Vs. Carbonite Vs. ?

    Oh, and I personally prefer LightHeaded. I like the comments, and don't mind setting up my routes via TomTom.

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