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    Pet for lvling as Affliction?

    I quit playing a couple months back and the new expansion (unfortunately) got me playing again. My lock is currently lvl 40 with http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=IcxrbhrhoV0o spec and I have a little over +100 spell power and I was wondering which pet I should be using? I've been using VW since lvl 10, hoping to start using something new.

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    Re: Pet for lvling as Affliction?

    Vw till you hit 51 and then switch to demo and get the felguard, he's a beast. But really it's all preference. VW is tanking pet so he is associated with leveling, but as affliction you dot and fear anyway.

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    Re: Pet for lvling as Affliction?

    I levelled to 70 as aff, fearing or drain tanking and using the imp as a mana battery. Maybe the Felhound could be a better mana battery with imp fel hunter, but not sure how that works out really, havent been affliction since that was introduced.

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    Re: Pet for lvling as Affliction?

    Use your voidwalker as much as you can until level 50, then get the felguard.

    The void is very good at tanking now and you should have no aggro problems
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    Re: Pet for lvling as Affliction?

    I'm mainly hoping for a new pet since I'm getting a little tired of using Void, but as for him holding hate... He barely keeps hate past me putting Siphon Life, Curse of Agony and Corruption on the target.

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    Re: Pet for lvling as Affliction?

    If you dot up your target and just let your demon dps you can tank the mobs through drain life. Not most elegant of ways but definitely most effective.

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    Re: Pet for lvling as Affliction?

    Quote Originally Posted by Melphas
    I quit playing a couple months back and the new expansion (unfortunately) got me playing again. My lock is currently lvl 40 with http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=IcxrbhrhoV0o spec and I have a little over +100 spell power and I was wondering which pet I should be using? I've been using VW since lvl 10, hoping to start using something new.


    Ignore people saying to lvl as Demo. Affliction is the hands down winner for lvling.

    You kill mobs faster, you tag them faster, you keep health and mana up.

    I grind/lvl pulling 5-7 mobs at a time.

    Here is a post i made in our guild forums for the other locks. I DID tweak my spec a bit while lvling, but it will give you a good idea. try to see if there are Affliciton lock lvling videos on youtube or warcraft movies, youll get the idea quickly and see why Affliction is god for lvling.

    Post i made:

    this is an idea of what i might go for as spec for lvling. Remember this is for lvling purposes only!

    a fewimportant things IMO if you want to maximize lvling:

    - Reduce down time
    - Downtime is the following: Time drinking/eating, time resting, time moving between mobs, time between quests, healing pets etc...
    - In order to reduce downtime the following things should be kept in mind:
    1) talents that reduce mana are good
    2) talents/spells that heals are good

    That is why I belive Afflictions is probably the best spec for lvling quickly. People will argue that Demonology is really good because it gives you a pet that can tank so you take less damage, or that it gives you more survivability, but nothing compares to what Affliction can do in terms of xp/hour.

    Destro is Simply too mana inneficient and you will have to drink/eat all the time. Plus it requires you to be standing still a lot of the time.

    At lvl 70 :http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=IcxrMzrGoVqRkst0xZV
    At lvl 75 :http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=IcxrMzrGoVqRkst0xZVbh
    At lvl 79: http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=IcxrMzrGoVqRkst0xcZVbho

    The beauty of affliction is that you can take on 4-6mobs at a time (obviously all depends what type, powers etc they have, but most common beasts and humanoids can easily be done).

    I suggest leveling with your imp, unless a specific encounter requires something different. The imp has faster mana regen for Dark pact and wont take damage, so you can pretty much ignore it. Plus it gives a bit more HP.

    Start off with Haunt, UA, Corruption then tab to another target. Hit that one (while still moving!!) with Corr, COA and Siphon life. Rince and repeat. Test out how many mobs you can handle. When they get to you AOE Fear, life drain if needed (I barely use it anymore since Haunt is so great) then lifetap if you are full on health (siphon and haunt will get you up) or dark pact. The 15% mana back from Drain soul is very good as well. If you are starting with i suggest keeping it at 3-4 mobs to start with until you get a hold of it. Also, careful, undead's cant be feared by us!

    Let me explain my talent choices:
    at Lvl 70
    Suppression: More hit (since you probably wont be capped as you lvl) and less mana cost
    Imp. Corruption and Empowered Corruption: more damage, it will be one of your main spells
    Imp. Drain Soul: the 15% mana back is simply too great for lvling.
    Imp. Life Tap: not necessary, but does help out good since Haunt/Siphon life/Drain life will keep you healed, so it can mean less downtime.
    Fear: You will use that a lot, especially on elite mobs. the speed reduction is godlike if you are slow on your fear spam. get the Fear glyph if you can as well.
    Amp. Curse: Lets you apply your instant casts quicker. really works well since you are tabbing multiple mobs
    Grim reach: pull from farther away means less running around for you.
    Nightfall: great to finish off mobs
    Siphon life: phat healz!
    Shadow Embrace: not necessary since its not the damage reduction it was before, but helps out a bit if you are using SB's and Haunt. If you dont want them put those points in Soul Siphon or Fel Concentration:

    Fel Concentration: no points. with the changes in pushback, i havent had issues with interrupts or the like... not really useful.
    Soul Siphon: although really good for lowering downtime, your siphon life/haunt should keep you up (unless you mess up). I usually only use life Drain towards the end or if i really need it, with a fear.

    Dark pact: more mana!
    Imp Howl of Terror: a must large group dotting. Hit it, life tap, then drain life or SB
    Haunt: Simply great, especially since you get the health back if its the killing blow. its a free 1k+ heal, it can crit and it inceases your dot damage.

    Demonic Embrace: more stamina, duh
    Bane: quicker casts if you need them, although i usually rely on dots more than SB`s.

    at Lvl 75
    Aftermath, if you do end up using SB`s a bit, SP or Immolate, the daze can help. not a major talent though. but needed to get to Shadowburn.
    Cataclysm: lowers mana cost = lower downtime

    at Lvl 79
    Shadowburn: great to finish off mobs that wont die.
    Fel Vitality: more health and mana

    At 80: Respec whatever you want depending on what you will do.

    Obviously those are only ideas, and i might myself change talents. play with it as you want!

    I used something similar when TBC launched (obviously talents were different but you get the idea) and ended up 5th lvl 70 on my old Server (there was a thread for it, kind of a race). Another lock, with same spec, was the first to 70.

    Hope it helps; check out videos of affliction locks lvlings.

    Good Luck in Northrend!
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