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    resilience on savage/hateful/deadly glad mantles

    Does anyone have an answer for why savage mantles have higher resilience than hateful or deadly? Doesn't make sense especially since the stats aren't much better on the hateful and deadly gear to compensate for the decrease in resilience. I'm think this is a glitch of some kind. Please let me know what you think. Thanks.

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    Re: resilience on savage/hateful/deadly glad mantles

    I saw that too.
    My guesses are either

    A. They figured people wearing full hateful wouldn't need as much resilience, or
    B. It's a bug.

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    Re: resilience on savage/hateful/deadly glad mantles

    Blizzard spilled coffee on the "idea board" and they didn't see which mantle they put the most resilience on.

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    Re: resilience on savage/hateful/deadly glad mantles

    Wrote a gm ticket the other day about this: GM said they are aware of the issue that some class set shoulders have higher resilience on the blue set than the 2 epic ones. They are looking into it. The GM though could not say if the blue ones had to much or the epic ones too less.
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