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    Need some help with PVP

    Hi there,

    long time reader. But g2 post this one. I need some help on PVP, I feel like doing everything wrong. Maybe this is QQ, maybe this is just like any other PVP Thread atm in every forum, maybe this is just to entertain you. Its up to you.

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    Re: Need some help with PVP

    Looks like theres 2 melee on you; you will obviously die in <3 sec.

    Whats worrying is when you die in <3 sec to ONE melee. (which i do in 750 resi)
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    Re: Need some help with PVP

    The rogue did ambush evis both were crits, druid 2x shred both crits. That was most likely their plan, being a warlock makes you a target, that is still around from TBC Arena.

    And yes everyone is getting nuked down like this, not being mean but letting you know since you put so much time into this post.
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    Re: Need some help with PVP

    22000k hp buffed and you die within 3 sec?

    wtb 3,6 mio dps :c

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