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    this will never work

    Hi, i was in the talent calc. and was just messing around.
    As stated above this will probably a bit dumb but do you think the
    extra spirit would help out enough to actually get these talents as

    http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?priest=000000000000000000000000000023505000230015000000000000005023251003112005152301300& glyph=121921050203

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    Re: this will never work

    For pve I really doubt that the damage you gain will be enough to counter the loss of Twin Disciplines, Improved Inner Fire and Twisted Faith.

    You have Blackout and Silence and stuff in it, so I guess it's a pvp spec? Wouldn't you want Spell Warding, Blessed Recovery and Desperate Prayer instead of some of the other holy talents? Holy Reach might help a little with range on Divine Hymn I suppose, but I think it's a fairly useless talent for this sort of thing.

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    Re: this will never work

    That and i honestly cant wee where ur going...

    IMp Psychic scream silence and IMP shadowform are all Pvp talents...but you didnt get dispersion or psychich horror or imp fade which really help with survivability...not to mention the dispell resist rating and all

    and even with the extra spirit its not going to help you much without meditation..which in my opinion any priest in any raid should have seeing as theres not really i time where your NOT casting in shadow....

    all in all my point is...stick with at least 13/0/58 or if ur pvp u could do very well with at least 8 points in disc

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    Re: this will never work

    Quote Originally Posted by Rivar
    ... or if ur pvp u could do very well with at least 10 points in disc
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