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    Add On Assistance(Buffs)

    Well i am admitting to not having the best pc in the world for wow but I do what I can to help the pain i go through during raids, when 3.0 dropped and buffs became stupid easy to get, I really started to eat fps during fights simply because of all the changes to different buffs and what not. Heres my question.

    I need a good add on for buffs, in specific an add on that minimizes memory usage but also gives me the ability to pick and choose what buff's i'd like to keep displayed and which ones I'd rather hide.


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    Re: Add On Assistance(Buffs)

    I would love to older machine, running ATX Board only supports 1 gig of RAM , and it's already maxed, basically take a top of the line computer from 7 years ago and you have mine.

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