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    Retribution paladin WOTLK best DPS Rotation + macro

    Ok, now i was doing researches and stuff whole day which leads me to this rotation:

    /castsequence reset=combat Crusader Strike,Judgement of Wisdom,Divine Storm,Consecration,Crusader Strike,Judgement of Wisdom,Crusader Strike, Divine Storm,Consecration,Judgement of Wisdom,Crusader Strike,Judgement of WIsdom,Crusader Strike,Divine Storm,Consecration,Judgement of Wisdom,Crusader Strike,Divine Storm,Consecration
    I would like to see how ppl like this rotation and macro, it worked just great for me 8)

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    Re: Retribution paladin WOTLK best DPS Rotation + macro

    I've been using a similar rotation to the one in this macro, however after the 4th CS in that macro i would end the macro. This would cause only a one second delay on the judgement since it would still have .5 seconds left on the CD when CS comes off CD.

    What i don't understand is why at the end of the macro you switch from delaying Judge a little but to get more CS's in, but then towards the end you only have 1 CS per 1 judgement.

    The cycle I've been using is /castsequence reset=combat Crusader Strike, Judgement of Wisdom, Divine Storm, Consecration, Crusader Strike, Judgement of Wisdom, Crusader Strike, Divine Storm, Consecration, Judgement of Wisdom, Crusader Strike

    Its a cycle with 4 CS's 3 judges 2 consecrates and DS's every 25 seconds. If you have the t7 4 piece it would repeat every 24 seconds instead. With this rotation you would also want to get the consecration glyph since you only be using Consecration every 12.5 or 12 second depending on whether you have t7 4 piece.

    I would post the math on comparing the 2 macros to see which is better but i doubt anyone would really care, and it would take too long.
    Try my macro and compare for yourself.

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    I have tried both of these and after the first crusader strike nothing happens and the macro isnt available anymore. I can't click on it again. why is that?

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    You necro'd a THREE YEAR OLD macro thread. It's bound to have something within the macro itself broken for something like this

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rahrah View Post
    You necro'd a THREE YEAR OLD macro thread. It's bound to have something within the macro itself broken for something like this
    for one I'm surprised this thread still exists lol

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    Because judgement of wisdom no longer exists and neither does any semblance of a "rotation" for ret.

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    As others have mentioned, this thread is from 2009, so there is bound to be issues with the macro in question. Please try to pay attention to thread dates when posting. Thanks!


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