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    List of Changes to the priest Class regarding pvp and arena

    Good Morning everyone,

    So most of you have noticed the problems of our class in pvp. This concerns mostly heal spec, but also shadow in some points.

    1. We are thee only class which has to get all to the pvp gear to survive more than 5 seconds in any arena fight. Neither a mage nor a wwl has to do that (also cloth classes) Every other class can go for an dmg speec to do arena, exept priests. Why?, just simply because shadow is neither dealing exeeptional burstdmg at the start and has only a small amount of protection abilities. Dispersion isn't helpful neither. (Mostly you're got killed before you can even think of using the skill)
    2. But after all of blizzards nonsense talking about the lack of resilence. Well I get almost everything (exept 1 more item) you can have for honor points and also the full blue set. So almost nothing has changed. So with full pvp arena disc spec you survive against 3 dd's about 25-45 seconds (if thise 3 have a little bit of gear abviously (pve gear)
    So all the bullshit blizz is telling about get more resilence is nonsense as always. Even nobody needed to know that resilence isn'treally worth it. So I suggest Blizzard goes back to primary school or take their calculator out of the pocket.

    If I got -25% crit dmg and -12% crit chance, we have some intelligent opponents who get at least a +3% crit totem, a rogue buff for a deathknight and vice versa or take a feral druid with them, After all the effect of the crit avoidance is reduced by 50% at that stage. Priest with less pvp gear have no avoidance at all.
    Then almost all classes have now talents or abilities to increase their critdamage, so the effect of resilence is also almost worthless here to.

    3. The stun problem. At the beginning, I thought unbreakeble will is an improvement to the resist chance. Now a prefer a chance on an entire resist instead of thisone. It's sad but it's true...

    So here I worked out a list of things that need to be done to improve the role of priests.

    1. Make inner fire undespelable. It can't be true, that a single despell is a dmg buff of about 20% for any melee class, espacially since other classes got that protection. The only class who really needs it is the priest who has almost no way of getting rid of a melee. This is more than an necessity. Actually in any arena, you despell almost nobody exept the priest for that reason, it makes you freeloot aganisnt any shaman combo.
    2. Increase the basic armor on the pvp cloth stuff. We don't need an great improvement, but still any kind of melee protection is essential.
    3. Reverse the nerf of fokussed will. Countering this impressive amount of burst damage incoming, we need at least a maximum of 15% dmg reduction, even if thats not a big deal either. The 15% heal are almost wothless, because you rarely come to heal, and iven if, 15% isn't impressive against any MS effect. Change it to 18% min. (3x6)
    4. Pain suppresion: 40% dmg reduction is a pitty actually in arenas. I'm not talking about crit damage here but about base damage or white damage made during arena fights. You can easily kill the priest with pain suppression, you got a bonus of 2-3 seconds alive with it. Change it at least to -60% incoming dmg and 10 seconds,
    5. Change Divine fury from 5x2% to 5x3%

    With this 5 changes discipline priest would be ok in arenas. The concerns of shadows are similar, but after all they got some options, even if those speccs loook quite funny but are working...

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    Re: List of Changes to the priest Class regarding pvp and arena

    Most of your points are flat out wrong, or nonsensical..
    Id pick apart your whole thread, but Im recovering from a head injury and that dosnt seem very appealing.

    Undispellable inner fire should be implemented asap. nuf said.
    Once a drunken pirate, alwaysh a drunken pirate... Hic!

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    Re: List of Changes to the priest Class regarding pvp and arena

    Oh I'm not surprised that their would be critics about this. But after all, I learned from the past years that eexpecting any big changes to our priest class is a futile hope. So I ment to be realistic on the changes but cover although the important things. If you get a big amount of resilence and these changes, discipline is a viable arena spec. It was never easy as a priest to get through arena and it will never be

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