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    Re: Affli 53/3/15 Question

    Drain Soul has a modifier after 25% to increase it's dmg 4x. Death's Embrace is 12% increased shadow dmg after 35% hp. The reason for the jump is within Drain Soul itself.

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    Re: Affli 53/3/15 Question

    I raid on a daily basis and have noticed that Death's Embrace doesn't really start working until about 20-25%. I know the talent says 30% but my DS ticks are only around 2k at that time. But when i get into 'exicute' range they dramatically jump from 2k->9-10k a tick. Is the talent bugged or what?
    I believe you are confusing Death's Embrace with the level 80 Drain Soul. Death's Embrace does add shadow damage at 35%, however, your large boost in damage on drain soul comes in drain soul itself that does 4x as much damage under 25%. Also, drain soul will not get either effect if it is started before the 35% and 25% marks respectively.

    At 35% your shadowbolts will get Death's Embrace (it is all shadow damage, not just periodic), so that is still your best bet. Once the boss is at 25% you should start draining soul as it has the effect of both.

    Also note, that until the patch you have to manually refresh corruption under 35% to get Death's Embrace, but that will be fixed in the next patch.

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