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    Holy healing bracers (spirit)

    I only raid 10 man isntances, so please do NOT comment about ANY drops bought with 25M badge drops, or 25M instances. thanks

    I am currently using a crappy blue bracer (BoE) and I'm looking for a good bracer to replace it with, I thought of the one dropping in heroic VH, but it's only an improvement spellpower wise, and stamina wise. I dont feel it's a massive upgrade, nor an upgrade that I want, does anyone have good holy bracers they're currently using (blue or epic, cudnt care less) that prioritize the following: spirit>int>SP>crit>haste

    Armory link: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sh...f&n=Eom%C3%A9r

    I know I got a lot of other shitgear, I know where to improve it though, and just waiting for them to finally drop it's just the bracers I'm REALLY worried about

    PS: yes I got hit on my staff, and YES i only heal, it was better as the blue staff from oculus though :P

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    Re: Holy healing bracers (spirit)

    not rly 10 man or epic.. but i started with those http://www.wowhead.com/?item=44200

    or pick any other bracer from this list... drop locations are listed Wowohead link

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    Re: Holy healing bracers (spirit)

    Go to maxdps.com, filter out any 25m sources, go to bracers, see for yourself.

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    Re: Holy healing bracers (spirit)

    except for the fact that he said HEALING, and there are no HEALING option on maxDPS.com and that might be because healing isn't an option for dps as priests.
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    Re: Holy healing bracers (spirit)

    Drop from Heroic Naxx, but they are BoE, if that is an option for you.

    Otherwise the ones Evil listed before are best.


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    Re: Holy healing bracers (spirit)

    Quote Originally Posted by Mandible
    except for the fact that he said HEALING, and there are no HEALING option on maxDPS.com and that might be because healing isn't an option for dps as priests.
    Given that Spell Power is a universal stat don't you think it could be a good first step? Sure you ignore the ones with Hit and such but come on... it's a database. And given that only one of the top ten results has Hit... I think it's a good site to check out. Go there, see which ones have the stats you like, see how you can get them. How much more do you want?

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    Re: Holy healing bracers (spirit)

    maxdps.com is fail , just learn to use wowhead filthers and weight-scales and you won't ever need another tool for gear again.

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    Re: Holy healing bracers (spirit)

    I recently picked up these in H-Oculus:


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    Re: Holy healing bracers (spirit)

    I know you are asking for spirit, but I think the H-VH are some of the better healing bracers out of heroics. With the changes to Holy Concentration, crit is a top tier stat.

    I am not a big fan of haste, but you end up with a lot of it anyway. The H-Oculus bracers aren't bad if you're into that kind of thing.

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    Re: Holy healing bracers (spirit)

    Thanks a lot for the replies, I usually go to armory and check for upgrades there, but a lot of items seem to not be listed yet. The ones from heroic oculus are quite awesome and I will try to get those big thanks to evry1 who replied

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