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    Re: First day as holy

    Quote Originally Posted by lumnights
    2. It's nice that WoW doesn't depend too heavily on good healers and tank to get the job done. It shows that they've balanced the game (pve anyways) so that everyone involved is "important" in getting through the tough encounters.
    I agree, now I wish I knew more good tanks and more good dps

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    Re: First day as holy

    It is always so easy to blame either the tank or the healers in a fight... People should start thinking about the many many many times that dps just fail instead of attacking 1 of the 2 keyperson in a group..

    I really hate that. I sometimes respec holy for some fun 10 man raids or heroics and I can keep a team up np unless they nab.

    I just learned to deal with all the qq when a person in a pug died. i just reply with you cocked up then Or dont you have bandages? ^^ Seems to piss them off, but I am having fun.

    I have to admit most of the time I dont care about the dpser and just be afk healing the tank while watching a dvd. (In heroics :P)

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