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    Just got bored and messed around with spec's a little bit last night :-X

    lol just wondering

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    with the state of warlocks you'll get crushed by any melee,
    0/51/20 still seems to be the best survivability atm since thats what locks really need atm.
    or affliction with a healer.

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    Yeah I've been meta for a while but I like trying new things out especially when I'm horrid at pvp and get 650 resil with pve welfare. Also lol I figured it wouldn't hurt because I popped meta and still died fairly fast after being Nature swiftness and rejuved swiftmended.

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    Not to shabby.
    A fun spec for battle grounds no doubt.

    Id suggest trying it. Ive run similar specs since vanilla, and they have always been awesome for skilled players.
    I suggest conflag over emp corruption, but thats just personal style.
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    Ok, if you really want to have fun in BG go with this spec and just keep your imp out and phased unless you decide you need the extra umph for a 1 on 1 encounter.

    Decent survivability (for what we have in our trees now), lots of instant Shadow Bolts, nether protection, nice crits and aoe instant dmg + stuns and more... I have a fricking ball with this.

    Note, this is not practical in arena.. but nothing really is so...

    (and yes.. I've been lurking for a while.. but with the lock pvp issues I actually have time to post now.)
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    I have died some times for just blinking away from* balls and straight in to another pair of balls.
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    eh i stay haunt/soul link spec just for the more escape moves, i was meta for a bit to see how it helped out vs. melee they would beat my face in i would have to pop meta if they were dumb they would try to dps through my immo aura which was most cases in bgs but the smarter people will do there best to stay away or incapacitate you i.e rouges will vanish, pally will use turn evil, druid will cyclone/root you. its really most effect towards warriors since they cant really get away and if they start to run you can leap at them to catch them. but if they live through meta im pretty much screwed after that..

    i can usually kite and get health back as affliction, most difficult class would be rouge, if i can live through inital burst dmg i might have a chance if i can get off an insta howl then dc after they trinket but i have to be really lucky

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    Im a DK as my main atm, but for most of BC I raided and pvp'ed as a lock with the SL/SL spec. I was reading your post and definately thought it was interesting because for the exception of drakedog every lock was SL/SL during BC.

    This spec could prove to be a good arena spec imo. Between the SL/SL, Nether Protection, Teleport, Aftermath, and CoExhaustion a lock with the right skill should have enough surviability against close range and casters. Plus since atm arena is retarded in the fact that mostly every class in arena that does dps has retarded amounts of burst(sorry healers), the points in destruction(conflag, backlash, imp scorch, and nightfall from afflic dont forget the glyph as well) and if u weave all those in there u should see some burst to come out of it with the + crit ur getting from talents. I also put points into pyroclasm, cause say ur kiting a warrior, rogue, or DK with CoExhaustion and Aftermath, u get an imolate off along with other dots then you use Conflag and stun them for 3sec, within that time u can get another imolate off and a scorch(with 10% more crit)and then get another chance to proc aftermath which in turn give u more time to get off scorches or spread the gap between u and the melee guy followin u.

    Another thing was that since this game first came out locks almost never capped out a tree,
    Classic- SM/Ruin(30/0/21)


    WotLK-as far as this goes that why this post was made lol.

    This being said maybe its just blizzards idea to say screw locks were gonna have cool last point moves but they wont be good if they get them.

    So yeah just throwing some more ideas out that to think about hope that spec works out for ya
    Sry for terrible grammer

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    Meh.. I tried it in arena 2s.. trying with holy pally, ret pally, and blood dk.. and we won about half our matches. Against some pairs, we were godly.. but other classes it was the same ol kill the lock asap and move on. The holy pally seemed to work best but if you know how to counter a pally (like so many people do) it's trivial. It is fun though and brings you back to the top of the HKs and damage in BGs.. not to mention the utility is fantastic for winning the game. I can't tell you how many times the summoning circle + trinket + shadowburn helped me get the flag out of a flag room turtle in wsg.. just hand to a druid or shammy and gg. Also helps in slowing their fc time after time since fear is almost useless now.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zehlkatur
    I have died some times for just blinking away from* balls and straight in to another pair of balls.
    Nerf teabagging!

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    i am currently trying

    and i am having quite a bit of fun. i only have 400 resilience so i pop like a balloon. but man, the burst of nightfall AND backlash is quite fun.

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    Those points in SE and SM are worthless. You are completely relying on the Backlash/Nightfall/Glyph of Nightfall proc and it's nearly impossible to stack twice unless you get lucky with RNG that won't certainly happen in most fights. Plus, you could've put it on better talents like Improved Fear, Fel Dom, Master Summoner and even Grim Reach. Those 6 points needs to be somewhere else.

    If you really want to incorporate Siphon Life to your build, you can use this:

    You need Master Summoner always. Also, you need burst, so u spec for Shadowburn and Conflagrate. Outside backlash/nightfall procs, spam searing pain, it's the highest crit chance spell you got (unless it is safe so feel free to cast shadowbolt or incinerate). And you can interchange Cataclysm with Molten Core since SL, Corr, CoA will guarantee you uptime and 15% increased damage with your searing pain and immolate + conflagrate. You could also replace Imp. CoA if you'd like. Some fights really don't require it being up than CoT, but it does help.

    That is just assuming if you really want Siphon Life in your build. I don't guarantee it being effective.

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    other than the fact that i get Nightfall + backlash fairly often.

    master summoner/fel dom. only helps if you live long enough to have even your first pet die. which isnt often. if you are getting hit hard enough to have a pet die, you are already dead. imp fear really doesnt do much with the gap closing abilities of most classes and the fact you are already slowed 70% from some random rogue poison or hamstring.

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