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    How is everyone doing arena wise

    I just wanna hear some feedback on how you guys are doing in the brackets. I was trying pmr and its real tough against these triple dps pure burst teams so that wasn't really working for me. In 2's im going with a rogue who is pve geared and our first night we went to like 1700 no problems at all. Lately we've been sadly dropping mainly because the amount of burst damage him or i take is quite hard to heal thruogh with all the slow, healing debuffs and silences that are getting thrown at me lately so its been bad. I am only 540 res so that could be a reason but it just seems every team we run into takes 0 skill. dbl arc/ dbl BM/ rogue DK/ rogue arc mage.. IDK maybe just having bad luck lately.

    How is everyone else doing

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    Re: How is everyone doing arena wise

    1880 and still rising playing a mix of rmp and feral, rogue, priest

    im nearing 800resil still using the lvl 70 neck, head, boots, 1 ring, wand and book.

    what spec are you? check out holyfire on dragonblight if you want to spec my spec / gearing. i find that in 3v3 your best shot is to lay lightwell early if you know its a 3 dps team be ready for an early trinket / GS(ps if your disc) and then hopefully use the lightwell, this should buy you enough time to bubble mending desperate prayer etc. yes the chances are you will die fast but you should buy your team enough time to either peel for you or take 1 of their team down.

    a useful way of playing against 3 dps as rmp is to have your rogue wait in stealth ready for their rogue to open on you, then he can control their rogue very easily giving you time to escape etc.

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    Re: How is everyone doing arena wise

    I wouldn't try 5s until you have 900+ resil, and even that is pushing it. Playing against a rogue/ret/arcane mage/dk/resto sham team and I've been gibbed in 1-2 GCD with Pain Supression up multiple times. Currently I run with 831 resil.

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    Re: How is everyone doing arena wise

    Yea i tried 5's and right now it seems like a joke for clothies. I dont think im gonna focus on 5s seriously tell im completely geared. 2's seems like my best option. although i wish 3s was too... idk maybe wed have to play really defensivly in 3s but they still get to me and through silences and stuns i drop haa.

    im using http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?prie...h=000000000000
    which is the typical disc spec

    i tried going into SoR and Lightwell but it just didnt seem to do the job like penance does

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    Re: How is everyone doing arena wise

    Lol, a disc priest with 700 resilence is unkillable. Don't say clothies are bad in arena atm, cause they arent.
    Sure, locks and priests with low res gets owned pretty fast, get some resilence first. Some angry people says that even with 900 resilence, a rogue kill them within cheapshot. Lmao :P

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    Re: How is everyone doing arena wise

    Nah i think all the clothies are good as long as you know what ur doing but thats the same for any class.. Im just saying for 5s you get killed too fast.. Disc is good atm i can 1v1 almost anything except a BM hunter and a good warrior/rogue..
    I can survive alotta times where im not suppose to but other times its like a joke where u cant do anything but ur always gonna see that.
    buffed im only at 19.7k hp atm so maybe ill work on getting that and my res up.. Are they thee 2 most imp. stats right now for disc in arena?

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    Re: How is everyone doing arena wise

    hows everyone else doing so far

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    Re: How is everyone doing arena wise

    Quote Originally Posted by Devstah
    In 2's im going with a rogue who is pve geared [...]. Lately we've been sadly dropping mainly because the amount of burst damage him...
    So if he has 0 resilence don't expect him to handle all the burst dmg.

    Just a few tricks... burnout all retripallies, for some 2dps teams, you'll have to to dps too instead of healing, keep the CC cycle on a dps. You need a lot of help of your rogue in order to win arenas, (I mean, he MUST be skilled) im running with a retripallie that bubbles me, heals me with the instant FoL and I help him with fears, burning mana to healers - retris - anyotherdps, doing dps... so just don't do the healbot as hollypallies do

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    Re: How is everyone doing arena wise

    From an arena noob's perspective I had a hell of a time as shadow going with a ret pally. Learned very quickly why you just don't see many spriests in arena.

    Switched to Holy/Disc (pve build, not pvp) and it's been a lot easier. Still learning the ropes, but after starting 2-10 we've pulled to about even.

    It feels like priests as holy/disc are fine in arena, but right now I can't imagine trying in shadow until I'm MUCH better geared.

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    Re: How is everyone doing arena wise

    Im 2ing with a rogue still but im considering switching to a BM hunter who is quite good. I hit 2k last season as a hunter so i know how they are played and all and i think with all their abilities Disc/BM would work quite well.

    any thoughts on this?

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    Re: How is everyone doing arena wise

    I'm a Warlock and done some 2s just to realise that is not my place for now.
    Then tried 3s with Ret Paly + DK.
    We went from 1500 to 1630 in less then 1 hour of arena.

    I would say, find what is the good bracket of team for you and then focus on that.

    Suprising things about our match is that I end most of the time with the most damage done since the pally can bubble me when I'm in big trouble. Half of my match I can end them alive, or at least demon form went out before dying ( 30 seconds ) which is pretty for the moment for a warlock right now in Arena

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