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    how to nerf COH

    Just crossed my mind an idea like this one:
    I've been convinced that COH is OP but the real reason of it's opness is that heals more then healing punctual every of the 4 targets(glyphed).
    How about this kind of nerf:
    -CoH remains without CD.
    -CoH will heal a bit less, but will leave a hot on it's targets wich can tick for like 10-12 seconds. If you use again CoH it will refresh the hot. But if you use some other spells like renew, it will add up with the hot, wich will be refreshed.

    At this point, initial heal of the CoH will do less healing, but the result will be like this:
    Every priest healer will be tempted to use Coh like once every time they finish to refresh renew on the targets that they previously healed with CoH.
    I believe will be really nice, as after spamming 2 3 cohs they will be ocupied with "refreshing" the targets that were previously touched by CoH, and maximize the healing on that targets. I believe that this would make game much more interesting, and let me tell you a secret: CoH is the second spell used after the druid Hots wich are like the "first damage takers", so this makes it fair to have to work a bit for it to maximize the healing that can be output using CoH. (CoH is second best in game by the point that can heal the fastest a player/more players after the druid hots wich are first that are dealing with damage taken)
    If you get more healing from this then spamming CoH, and you can also save alooot of mana like this I'm sure the maximum use of Coh Will be like 2 3 cohs folowed by alot of renew. The fact that Coh heals less at start and leaves the Hot wich will be removed and reapplied if Coh is used again, this will prevent priests from using it continuously, as it will heal for only the first amount of heal
    I can't think of any other way to make holy priests more interesting, what do you say? (not to mention the part with using addons for knowing who was touched by Coh ) - ofc if you think my theory is broken pls say, I just came with the idea and I would like to see if is viable or not, at least from theoretical point of view.

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    Re: how to nerf COH

    Meh. Just give it the arcane blast treatment and be done with it. First CoH costs the normal amount of mana. After casting it you get a debuff for 5-10 seconds that increases the casting cost of the next CoH by 25% or so, stackable. So if you cast CoH 3 times in a row, your next one will cost 75% more mana.

    IMHO the best solution. Still spammable in oh shit situations, but a a steep cost.
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    Re: how to nerf COH

    Blizzard will never agree with this, just by the fact that AOE damage is usualy ocasional, and priests will still use it no mather how much it costs. But my idea is good from this point of view, because spamming coh will grant only the initial heal amount, wich will be too small to keep the raid up. Only by supporting the hots with renew will maximize the healing amount made by CoH. This will prevent spamming but will give exceptinal results after the first 5 6 seconds. Aoe damage is usualy more like 4 5 seconds up to 15-20 seconds and not more. So in this time you should be able to use coh like 3 times, and renew all the targets touched by CoH. Also renew could heal for a higher amount if the CoH hot is on that player, ofc this can be adjusted to make it viable.
    The best part about this is that will prevent stacking up to 5 pirests in raids wich are spamming the same group over and over again, but will keep up to 3 spots in raid, this depends ofc on the time the CoH hot/buff ticks.
    Sorry for being against it, but thought about your solution too, and realised that won't happen. Let's not forget that AoE heal was invented in the first place just to help the raid to stay alive longer, until punctual healers can heal all targets, not to be used as a "final" heal.
    So IMO (I may be wrong) AOE is there just to give punctual healers more time to heal every single player in raid.

    I believe you are too unhappy with the upcoming priest changes and you are bored to even think about this option. I would really like to see what you think about CoH as an aoe heal+hot/buff for next renew

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    Re: how to nerf COH

    CoH nerf is fine. You can't be fucking supposed to down a boss while pressing 1 single button all the fight, it's ridicously shamefull. And I'm a CoH Priest.

    Second, considering I never understood the needing of creating topics like "NEW MORATL STRIEK LIEK THIS" saying your thoughts, NOT even on the official forums, but on a fansite? Still, even almost 1 month after we know the CoH nerf, where the heck is the need of making a post like this? It's already been decided how CoH will work.

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    Re: how to nerf COH

    sorry for opening wounds, but as I said, just crossed my mind, as I gave this nerf a deep thougth and just felt like sharing with someone the idea...
    (just imagine that I don't have any rl friend to discuss about wow, and felt like was a good place to open the subject)

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    Re: how to nerf COH

    This post is pretty funny IMO its fine cerbul what you were saying, simply try to post it on one of the other posts that have already been created. It may not be titled specifically the way you want it, but I assure you if it's one of the other posts that have already been getting alot of attention I'm sure your idea will to.

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    Re: how to nerf COH

    Quote Originally Posted by Izenhart
    CoH nerf is fine. You can't be fucking supposed to down a boss while pressing 1 single button all the fight, it's ridicously shamefull. And I'm a CoH Priest.
    So why is it that the current raid healers do exactly that.

    If you think that shaman don't currently have 60-70% of heals with one button than you are blind, stupid or just not accepting reality.

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