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    Quote Originally Posted by Intiriel
    the quantities of ores won't change THAT much if they don't adjust the respawn timers...
    as already pointed out by someone, the change will let the nodes go away faster, the 6-10 sec saved will have people looking for the next ore, and the next, and the next, and, wow, we have all the miners of this region stuck at the same place.
    But you will have more people mining. There are cobalt nodes/areas that seem untouched on my server. I can only surmise because time to mine those as opposed to time to mine saronite adding cost ratio means the saronite is "worth" more.

    However with one hit one gather it will now be viable for some people to mine the less then touched cobalt. Putting that much ore on the market.

    Lowering the price.
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    Re: One shot Mining

    The amount of ore needed by blacksmithing is huge, and makes it a pain of a profession. So there will always be need of ore on the market. Also the jc prospecting the ore, makes it alot more desired.

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