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    Haste and Priest

    I am curious about how useful haste is for both shadow and holy priest.

    With the CoH nerf will haste become more valuable since you can't spam CoH anymore?

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    Re: Haste and Priest

    Haste has its gains in increasing your health per second, but realistically, I wouldn't try for something too hard because mana per second is a more pressing matter at the moment, and increasing that at the current gear level isn't all that idealistic of a goal.
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    Re: Haste and Priest


    as shadow I've so far picked up 327 haste whilst not aiming to collect it. it just comes on the gear I have. I'd much rather have crit over haste to increase my IST uptime, but I feel a small amount is needed to keep everything running smoothly, ie not waiting for something with 0.5 sec left on CD.

    I feel my dps is at a nice spot right now even when I still have 2 lvl 70 items. I'm not top dps and I'm not bottom.

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