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    <25ppl achievements

    Anyone else hate these achievements? I mean, we have a great raid group, we've finished nearly all the achievements, and now if we want to finish them all, we have to ask 4 or so people to sit for a week?!

    Just seems lame

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    Re: <25ppl achievements

    Actually you have to ask 5 to sitout. It's 20man achivements.

    And yes, they are rather lame.

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    Re: <25ppl achievements

    Go for the Undying while you're already 20.

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    Re: <25ppl achievements

    I would just set up a DKP or EP/GP system that still awards points to those sit out. If you have most of the achievements done yal probably do not need gear.

    My guilds EP/GP works out great. Everyone who signs up gets EP regardless if they are there or not. Of course if you are getting wait listed EP you have to be available at all times.

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    Re: <25ppl achievements

    Quote Originally Posted by Comprise
    Go for the Undying while you're already 20.
    20 man would trivialise 10 man undying for sure.

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    Re: <25ppl achievements

    Last night was a set raid-day for my guild. But for some reasons (like a healer being on holiday, and another being ill), we didn't have enough folks online for 25man naxx. After everyone's whining naxx25 is too easy anyway, we started to go for The Dedicated Few 20man. Construct wing and Spider wing down so far, Patch and Thadd are probably toughest, but at least there's some sort of challenge to some of the bosses. Spider wing remained the pushover-wing it was before.

    I'm pretty sure now we've cleared construct wing, the rest of the instance should be easy enough.

    Long story short: Do the achievement when there's not enough folks on for 25, kind of a punishment for the ones that didn't show too

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    Re: <25ppl achievements

    Yeah, thats some great advice. We too have a system that awards credit for just being in the raid holding a spot. in fact, with loot such a non-issue right now, we almost don't have a loot system.

    /ROLL, highest wins, goes to main spec before off. For the most part, everyone is happy. Im sure as soon as KT's mace drops, everyone will be bitch about who has more attendance lol

    Ohh well, if Thaddias stops lagging for us, perhaps we will have a shot at Immortal

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