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    Disc/holy pvp priests - stat prioritizing

    Hello everyone, i made an account here today to ask the following:

    What stats should i be prioritizing getting on my pvp gear for disc/holy?

    I am currently using the following specc


    Atm i have gotten 4parts of the mooncloth set, that has spirit on it. Is this a mistake, or should i get the set with crit on it?

    I know this all depends on my playing style etc, but i wanna know what you think is the best. Thanks for answers

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    Re: Disc/holy pvp priests - stat prioritizing

    I'd advise you to go into some holy/dis gibrid untill you'l get 500+ resi.
    Blessed resilience rules while you don't have much res

    Your spec is good but you need a lot of resi for it. You took a lot of mana saving talets... due to 4-9 sec fights you will not need them

    As for gear. You are a healer actually . Just now gear does not have and crit and (mp5s or spirit). You'll have to choose between spirit and crit. Crit loses.
    Check here that is a gladiators post.
    Also try to find Hydra's posts - another gladiator priest who shares hes exp

    Comparing spirit and mp5s - mp5s wins just because priest must play offensive, and he will not have actually time to get out of 5 sec rule. But again - we have no choice in gear.

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    Re: Disc/holy pvp priests - stat prioritizing

    I have 730 resilence atm, and getting more every week.

    If i was to get rid of some mana saving talents, should remove what i have in absolution and just use 2/5 mental agility, or do i have some better options?
    And where should i rather spend those points? I do moastly 2v2 and 3v3 atm, so i guess spellwarding wouldnt be that good, should i maybe go with Enlightenment?

    But the thing i have the hardest time deciding is what honor items to get. Since there are so many different stats on the same items.

    And, does spirit not benefit me in combat? If so, that would be silly since its on pvp items.

    I am also considering going for 2 x 50 resi bonus, aka dumping the 4set bonus, is it worth it?

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    Re: Disc/holy pvp priests - stat prioritizing

    You haven't taken Divine Aegis, but isn't it very useful in arena? It is like adding 30% more heal to critts.

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    Re: Disc/holy pvp priests - stat prioritizing

    Since you already have such amount of resi - copy the gladiators build.
    If you partner is manadrainer(lock, huntard) use manasaving talents. If you have a hard strike teammate(rogue, war) Haste talents would probably be a better choice then manasaving.
    And by the way - the best manasaving talent is -15% to dispel in short fights it even beats meditation.

    As for divine aegis... useless thing. You have about 8-9% of crit in pvp. So roundly 1/10 spells will add 30% of its healing amount as a shield. And the most problem - you cant count on it because of random procs. Procs is good for dd, but dangerous for healer.

    Poem about spirit. It is a good stat, but if you compare the amount of spirit on the cloacks/necks with the amount of mp5s on the same items you'll see that their is 1/2.1 or 1/2.2. Spirit is not transformed in mp5s in such formula. So you lose manaregen with spirit gear - not much realy.
    Spirit is better because you can use 5 sec rule. But arena rarely gives you such a long break

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    Re: Disc/holy pvp priests - stat prioritizing

    @ Vel :

    dont forget penance heals 3 times in <2 seconds, its awesome for Divine aegis procs, and id always take the 5% crit talents and also the crit bonus to people with under the affect of weakened soul so you're looking at closer to 20% crit total. 1/5 with pennace casting 3 heals, pom bounces being able to proc it aswell... DA personally in a deep disci build rocks.

    @ rest of post :
    ignore mana saving talents atm(meditation ftw still ofc), id agree with Vel that if you "must" get one the -15% to dispelling rocks, but arena games are too fast atm so dont really build them up. focus on burst abilities that will asve the day when they proc/are cast, cause the few seconds they're up does make the difference.

    if you're one to theorcraft just look at the mana saving abilities you plan on using and then stick the mechanics into a 15-20 second fight.

    personally even with close to 650 resiliance in 2v2 i use 37/34/0, blessed resiliance, focussed will, still get some of the core healing talents from the holy tree and most important - SoR, with the glyph in 2v2 it fucking rocks depending on arena.

    @ OP : resiliance stam and int for a disci pvp build, all the way
    xavi xx
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    Re: Disc/holy pvp priests - stat prioritizing

    @ Xavi :
    Maybe you are correct about DA, but you have to spend much needed points into crit talents.
    Actually - that is a playstyle ) i don't like procs - prefer the use-abilities. So ignore the DA in deep disc.
    So as deep disc actually atm. Don't have enough resi to test it deeply. Killed to fast in that build.

    Now i am raid holy with blessed resi and GS. Much more survival then deep disc with my amount of resi, but surely less then gibrid one. Tired of respecs. Actually enough to get to 1.8 with half raid gear/half pvp.

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