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    Re: best Sartharion + 3 D tank? (MT)

    We have our druid tank it for the massive amount of HP he has. DK adds usually (sometimes a prot pal).
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    Re: best Sartharion + 3 D tank? (MT)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cromor
    Possible for a Warrior doing this? Any tips? How much health should i be at while trying to do it ? is the gear I'm using to tank Sarth, hope it helps.

    Edit: Shoulder Enchant is Greater Inscription of the Gladiator (30 Stam, 15 Resilience Rating)
    Edit2: Changed Helm to Valorous Dreadnaught Greathelm, +37 Stamina and +20 Defense enchant, +32 Stamina & 2% Armor meta, +41 stamina JC gem since Effulgent Skyflare Diamond apparently only increases resistances from gear by 2% - not spell damage taken by -2% >

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    Re: best Sartharion + 3 D tank? (MT)

    we had Druid for sartharion
    for rest we used prot warr and uh dk (dps specced w/o ghoul)

    first we used uh dk to tank first drake while warrior was playing with the adds (dk was rly easy to keep up w/o any tanking gear on him)
    this gave us abit of bonus dps
    on 2nd drake warr was grabbing it, aoe all the adds and after that dk was picking all the adds and warr was tanking drakes

    setup was
    2x hunter
    prot warr
    feral druid
    uh dk
    2x holy pally
    resto druid
    combat rogue
    ench shammy

    answering your question tough, go with feral druid/dk
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    bad math ur doing 1.5.... its 150%* sooo 100 haste rating = 250 after the buff* or 300 haste rating 150% = 750 haste dunno how u got 1.5 or 15% anywhere its giving u 150% more haste from the haste u already have why do ppl try to always complicate things.

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    Re: best Sartharion + 3 D tank? (MT)

    Druid or DK. And honestly I could definitely see a Warrior or Paladin in their place, especially for 25m. You may "have" to use a Druid or DK on 10m, but honestly the encounter really isn't that hard, especially with people running around in good gear.

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