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    'u get constant hit by ice shit from roof so you can travel instantly all across the room'

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    Re: Healing Gear List?

    Quote Originally Posted by Failpriest
    and yes, sorry for my poor english, im from spain.
    Cool, now apologize for using thottbot. It is full of fail.

    Quote Originally Posted by Izenhart
    oh please.
    If you cared to watch you'd have found out that by this *mighty being* we have:
    Indeed, Bucket of Shit > Me.
    Can't disagree with you there, but since you edited your post...we can't verify your claims.

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    Re: Healing Gear List?

    yay, weight numbers.

    Wowhead > LookRank

    Looks like I got some awesome healing gear looking at that list, lol.

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