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    Help a new priest in need !

    “ Warning – Long “

    Hi !

    I’m a young priest in need of tips for arena and PvP ( mostly 2v2 ) and a bit about PvE. But before I talk about my problems, I will do a quick review of my background of WoW.


    - I have played all classes to 70. I have 3 80s so far ( Ret paladin, Boomkin druid, Healing priest ). My DK is still 60

    - I’ve been a WoW player since the start, never done a lot of Raiding and Heroics ( tho i’ve done some, I know what it’s like ). I’m quite busy at night being full-time student and don’t have much chance on doing things like Naxx ( not geared enough ).

    - I really like to do some PvP, i’m not very good but I do my best. I really enjoyed doing arena in s4 with my RL friends, we had a 2345 to 1700 rating on ruin ( wich we found to be quite hard, mostly vs power-rusher downing our rating ).

    - I don’t use a lot of mods, I don’t know them, I only use proximo ( wich bugs a lot lately ).


    So now here I am, with a lvl 80 Disc Priest. I want to turn him into a PvP toon. I play in 2s with my RL friend who got his rogue to 80 yesterday. We tried arena for the first time, we went 9-6 ( losing 4 times to a mirror who outgeared us ). We are quite happy with the results so far.

    My biggest problem is that I have no idea how i’m gonna get higher rating with all those PvE completely owning us with the big Naxx 25 epics. This season is pretty much fucked, as all the epic ( hateful ) require at least 1615 PR. I am now geared with the PvP tailor-crafted ( less good than savage ). I’m slowly getting my hateful ring, cloak, trinket, etc. The last 3 weeks i’ve been shadow and was invited to raid like Vault and OS ( wich are quite easy even undergeared ). I plan on buying the hateful shoulder with my emblem of valor (30) cause I don’t see myself get 1775 PR anytime soon. But now i’m disc and I will need to get invited to those raid to get geared up a bit. I’m not sure I have what it takes, I have a specc that his a bit PvE and a bit PvP cause I need to do both arena and PvE ( thats why the spirit gems and not stam ). The fucking problem is that where will i get the resilience on wand, offhand, ring etc ? blizzard only put those on deadly stuff ( what a bunch of lazy ***holes ) wich require crazy PR.

    So here are my questions :

    1- How can I successfully gear to be able to be disc in PvP and still be invited to Easy raid like OS and Vault.

    2-What mods do I need to arena, what mods are useful for healing, is there mods to be a more effective healer in BG ( it’s hard to monitor your allies’ life ).

    3- What is the type of gear I should look for, there is 2 sets for priest, one with crit, one with spirit.

    Any more comments or suggestion is welcome

    Thank you !

    Armory link :
    Partner’s armory :

    P.S : yeah i know my gear is not fully geared enchanted yet
    P.S : sorry for my english, it's not perfect

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    Re: Help a new priest in need !

    1 - Try heroics to get gear and you spec will not bother anyone. Gibrid/pvp-holy/pvp-dis all are good. And can be good as in arena as in bg as in raid. You are not supposed to be the best - yes ? you are not raider.
    2 - ctrl+v and you eyes is you best mod at BG. Arena is a long and playstyle dependent song.
    3 - 2 pvp sets - shadow and dis/holy. The one with crit is shadow.

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    Re: Help a new priest in need !

    IMO the cookie cutter spec is
    That can probably change around a little bit but a few of those are a must.

    As far as Gear goes you'll really want stam res and sp. Resilience is definitely the stat that affects priests the most. the more I got the harder i was to kill.
    When pvp is balanced you will want spirit but matches are not lasting very long so Regen probably isn't the issue.
    I haven't really pvp'd much at 80 so i can't give you the greatest help, but this is an idea of where to go.

    If you want any more help or ideas i can give you more info. On a side note I'd recommend taking a look at what hydra from Nihilum is doing because he was one of the Priests that I liked to watch and agreed with his play style.

    I'd also recommend picking up Engineering so you can get great for getting away from rogues or ooc and out of los to drink.

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    Re: Help a new priest in need !

    The great thing about being disc is that u can always get a spot raiding as a main tank healer since penance is one of the best healing spells. Many priests got spoiled with circle of healing but i've never gone holy so no skin of my back that it got nerfed. AOE healing is a little hard but for heroics and the such, a simple prayer of healing will do just fine. Personally, i say dont really worry much about healing in heroics and raids. Just try to get yourself a pve set and pvp set. That will help alot.

    Until then....

    Do wintergrasp as often as possible and battle grounds every once in a while. you can easily earn 10 - 15k honor a day just doing 3 wintergrasp. Use that honor to buy yourself some non-rating gear. To help with ur resilience, get 2 of each savage priest set. You'll have two 2 set bonus that will give you 100 resilience right off the bat. You can also get the darkmoon deck: chaos. It doesnt give you anything off the bat but i gives you up to 105 res while the enemy is pounding on you. And trust me... you're a priest... they WILL come at you. I use the trinket from that deck in arena and it procts fairly often.

    Once you have non rated gear, work your way from top to bottom. Save arena points and honor so u can get the 1600-1675 gear. this way if you ever hit that, you can go get the gear right away. once you've saved the points for that stuff, work on getting savage equivilent to the 1700+ plus gear. This will help you get closer to that 1600+ rating so one day you can get that gear to help you get closer to 1700+ rating. Seems a little time consuming but the hardest part of it all is saving the arena points. but as long as you're not in the 1400s you can get the points saved for 1600+ gear in 3-4 weeks.

    In arena... as a priest... Resilience and Stam are your best friends. Especially with all the burst damage in arena at the moment. Your rogue friend has it a little easier because he can be hit by your penance spell which also grants full grace on him with just one shot. Smart teams will either go straight for u or cc you once they see you. Since penance cant be used on yourself, it makes it that much harder for you to keep yourself alive.

    Seems like a long time and a lot to do but blizz has made it so that people will stop getting "welfare epics" as they were once known as and have to work harder to get them. though it's easier now to get points... depending on your battle group, the rating can be a real pain.

    I hope this helped. good luck

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    Re: Help a new priest in need !

    go holy for pvp till u have better gear..

    holys gives more healing power, spirit of redemption lightwell, instant flashheals on crit or smite and guardian spirit which is better then pain supression for the moment. blessed resilience, being crit immune for 6 seconds will help if they go for u.

    I believe disc will be the best pve healspec after this patch nerf to coh,disc is much more mana efficient and without coh, holy is pretty gimp, wastes loads of mana and being able to raidheal when needed was the real plus about it.

    my best advice would be , try to play offensive, help with dps on rogues target when neede if u play vs a healer setup. get those fears off every cooldown, try to catch both players with one fear.
    priests are pretty gimp now, your main objective will be to try and stay alive aslong as possible, to give your rogue a chance to kill something. since u will die in 15-20 seconds, holy offers alot more then disc, better healing, and nice extras such as shorter cooldown on mending, instant flashheals, mending and isntant flashheal help alot.

    if arena gets back to normal, then disc will be best spec, since holy ooms alot faster and disc is for longer fights. disc is also for good geared people , holy is better for crap gear, blessed resilience lets u wear deadly gear for 6 seconds as if u have lotsa resilience while u might have none. when double dps is trying to kill u, not getting critted might win u the fight.

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