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    SP proffessions!? :o

    Hey peeps... This might already have been asked a lot of times but i couldnt find it anywere but sorry if i missed it!

    I play shadow priest and started wondering what the best proffessions would be for me? Dont say mining, skinning or herbing since i dont need money... I just want to know THE best proffessions for me as a raider? The ones that benefit my dps best

    Anyone knows?

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    Re: SP proffessions!? :o

    I'm personally an alch/herb; if you're always flasked for raids, Mixology is a fairly competitive buff.

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    Re: SP proffessions!? :o

    Any mix of: Enchanting / LWing / Blacksmithing / Inscription as they all have +SP items available and BS for extra sockets. Tailoring is also decent for cloak enchants.

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    Re: SP proffessions!? :o

    Ive heard the enchant from tailoring is pretty crap? Is that true?

    And my own thought was the best combo might be BS/ench or BS/JC?

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    Re: SP proffessions!? :o

    blacksmithing will be the most effective once epic gems are introduced.

    JC is also one of the best because it allows you to use blue sockets as SP only and still get the socket bonuses.

    I would have to say BS/JC for the highest SP

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    Re: SP proffessions!? :o

    If you're truly min/maxing everything, BS'ing with JC'ing is currently the best. JC'ing lets to skip out on using blue sockets for getting your meta while still getting socket bonuses, and BS'ing scales the best (when epic gems are released, it will increase in power while every other profession will stay the same).

    But if you don't want to lose your sanity blowing 20k gold on skillups, any of the other production professions but tailoring and engineering are good. My personal choice would be jc/alchemy most likely.

    EDIT: Yes, tailoring is crap right now. I'm not willing to blow all my gold skilling something else up though, so I'm holding out for a good BoP pattern in the future >.>

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    Re: SP proffessions!? :o

    blacksmithing is pretty easy to level with a 60+ alt and mining.

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    Re: SP proffessions!? :o

    i went talior and chanting. i love it. somtines i wish i was alch for the long boss fights the %40 on alc stone is great

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    Re: SP proffessions!? :o

    JC is ATM the BEST profesion. You get 3 extra power (32sp) gems, that are "all color" so no meta gem problems, and you get all the socketing bonuses you might have missed. In total it's about 60 spell power extra + minor bonuses as far as I can remember. It will probably be a little less godly when epic gems will come into play, but maybe JC only gems will upgrade too, who knows.

    Ench will give you an extra 38 spell dmg from ring enchants, also nice.

    BS will give you TWO extra sockets, uncolored. So thats ATM 38 spell power.

    Inscription will give you hyper power shoulder enchants, so you dont need to grind Holdir rep <wink>, also about 37 spell power better then those, cant remember the numbers right now.

    Alchemy wll give about the same bonus (37-39sp don't know the exact bonus) to flask spell power, also 4 hour furation, so it's a nice money saver.

    Tailoring will give you almost free leg enchants, but since you don't need money this should not be something too important, and lvling tailoring cost a lot more then you will ever spend on these anyway. The cloak enchants are crap IMHO, the 23 haste enchant is better.

    In gerneral they all give the same amount of spell power, only JC is a LOT better ATM. And tailoring is crap TBH.

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    Re: SP proffessions!? :o

    What knf said is absolutelly correct. Atm JC is overpowered and contributes around 20 spellpower more for a shadowpriest, in contrast to enchanting/inscription/LW because u dont have to use 2 x 8spellpower/7spirit gems to make your meta work. Also u might get some bonuses that a non JC sp will choose not to take by gemming pure 19 spellpower gems

    non JC SP JC SP
    8 spower 7 spirit 32 sp
    8 spower 7 spirit 32 sp
    19 spellpower 32 sp

    35 spellpower+14 spirit vs 96 spellpower

    Its around 60 spellpower gain while enchanting and others are ~38

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    Re: SP proffessions!? :o

    yeah but as soon as epic gem hit jc will loose some stat

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    Re: SP proffessions!? :o

    Thx for all the replys! Ill be going for BS/JC this week then and just mine like crazy on my alt... :P

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    Re: SP proffessions!? :o

    Jewelcrafting & Enchanting , combined form the best PvE professions. (Due to meta gem requirements)

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    Re: SP proffessions!? :o

    As nez already said aswell, Enchanting and Jewelcrafting are both extremely good.

    But any combination of JC / Ench / BS / LW will work for max dps as well.

    BUT! remember these professions can be extremely hard to level without a grinder char for it. BS and JC both need mining materials for example.

    I will just stick to my tailoring and enchanting though :P

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    Re: SP proffessions!? :o

    @Nezoia - Why ench and not BS? I though they borh provided the same amount of SP (+38) but that BS would improove a lot when new epic gems came?

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    Re: SP proffessions!? :o

    BS will be number one if you aim for highest SP from profession once epic gems are out.

    JC is as good as enchanting and since some gems are missing from game (like sp+spirit) as JC you can just put prismatic SP gem to blue sockets.

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    Re: SP proffessions!? :o

    JC will still be superiour to BS due to the meta gem requirement. And it's unlikely we'll see epic gems before Icecrown.

    We didden't see epic gems before Stage 3 of TBC, and we're currently at Stage 1 (Naxx/Malygos)

    BS will be a alternative to Enchanting when we hit Stage 3 yes, but enchanting is almost equal and a better moneymaker.

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