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    Re: Consumable DPS increase

    last night's naxx clear dropped less than 5 caster items

    we've never seen the mace off kel drop

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    Re: Consumable DPS increase

    uhm i think they hotfixxed the "Ghost Hit" because lately i do have misses....which i never had 1 week ago.

    Also i still got the Hidden MF Miss ( No Miss display ) although they told that a debuff limit no longer exist... May be that is not reason of this bug....

    And a little Question besides... coz im too lazy to make a Ptr copy...(and dl ). does the mf bug still exist on Ptr? I'm talking about the 3rd tich which comes after mf has finished channeling.


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    Re: Consumable DPS increase

    It got hotfixed the 7th/8th.

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    Re: Consumable DPS increase

    ah thanks

    so i need malys chest RIGHT NOW !

    dont want to gem hit

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    Re: Consumable DPS increase

    I gemmed hit. I don't care what people say, I hate missing with a passion.

    Next patch NOW PLEASE, I'm sick and tired of Mind Flay bugging, grrrrrrrr.

    Lag fucked up our patch dps the other night, I'm sure I could push over 4500 on a lag-free try with a FIXED MINDFLAY.

    (I'm pretty good at clipping it on the ticks, did very well with that in SWP.)

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    Re: Consumable DPS increase

    Quote Originally Posted by artan
    A very anoying thing in this trinket is the miss rate , it wont take any talents into acount and that makes it fall beind pure SP proc trinkets.
    Good thing about the trinket though is:

    I can haz shadowbolts
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    Re: Consumable DPS increase

    DPS on Patch depends on the Killing time

    And yes im sick to watch my fucking casting animation for 3/3 Ticks MF... i mostly ignore that now...(using nochanneling makro).

    I only try to get the 3rd tick on important fights like Thadd (ya with lag... the enrage timer is rly hard :P) and Sath +3adds...

    But i did 4022dps in a 3.12min Fight(patch) which was nearly lagg free ( full buffed + ele shaman)

    i know my gear isnt perfect but i will get to that util Ulduar will be released.... I guess this will take ~2month?

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