my best way of killing rogues is holy nova cause it deals damage and heals instantly but its way to much mana.. I'm disc but lets say im shadow and i go up against lets say a rogue/x in 2s... All the poisons on me, can barely move and casts slower than an old lady in a marathon and if i do cast.. it better be the most pro juke ever because ill get kicked no doubt.. not to mention the other forms of interrupt his partner would have.. it would be nice if dispersion could get away allll things likea bubble or ice block and either also does a pimp aoe damage or when its over releases a aoe fear that is not on the same cd as pyshic or divine hymn..

if blizz is trying to make all classes equal, which i tihnk is dumb, then why dont they do that to dispersion or give us away to get outta crip poisons or any posion for that matter