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    Respeced Shadow need some help.

    I am not a hard core raider, but still do Naxx and everything except Malgos. I don't claim to be the best player, but i am pretty good, especially when I am trying to learn something like in this case.

    I have been playing my priest for about 1 1/2 years now and was either Disc or Holy for the past year and just went back to shadow for raiding and need some help. I haven't played as a Shadow priest for so long i need some help with rotation, or more or less priority spells (didn't use to be a rotation when i was shadow, don't know if there is now).

    Also was wondering what Stats should be prioritized when gearing a SP. I know my hit rating is a joke now and that will be my first priority (im a tailor and working on the ebonweave set).

    My gear is pretty much a joke for Shadow ATM but im putting my armory up anyways http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...t&n=Shadowpain It still shows me as holy but i hope it will update soon. Most of my Shadow gear is holy =(.

    Was also wondering what ballpark DPS should a SP bring to 5, 10, 25 man to be carrying his/her weight. H VH i was at around 2200 but then H Old Kingdom i dropped down to 1800 which seemed way to low and thus why i posted this thread.

    Thank you for your help.


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    Re: Respeced Shadow need some help.

    Well 2200/1800 isn't too bad with the gear you have, assume its the same gear you are using for your holy set.

    As for the rotation, there isn't too much of a rotation per say, but there is a starting rotation. Which involves getting 5 stacks of shadow weaving before applying SW:P. You can do it really in any order, and right now you can use SW to grab you 2 quick stacks, but as of the next patch that will be removed.

    Other then that its just making sure your dots are up for the maximum time they possible can be up. Also most of the time, using SW other then at the start to grab the 2 stacks, or for finishing off stuff, really shouldn't be used in your rotation.

    As for the stats, personally I've got the hit cap, 290ish hit rating if you max out the talents. Yet, SP should still be your first and foremost stat to focus, along with crit. Don't gem for hit rating, just stock up on those +19sp gems and go to town. Alot of the higher dpsin Spriests i've seen around now, arent going for hit cap, and are focusing on SP/crit.

    I've got something around 2k-2.1k SP and about 17crit now, and i have noticed a bit of a dps increase even after i lost the hit cap.

    Ball park dps, should be roughly 2k in 5mans, 3k in 10/25. And going upwards of 4k on certain fights once the gear is there. If your putting out 3k+ then your on the right track in 25mans/10mans.

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    Re: Respeced Shadow need some help.

    VT, SWP, and DP if you have a DK with death and decay so it will spread to the entire mob. MB, SWD, MF. Don't sweat about getting 5 stacks of shadow weaving for trash before you apply swp. Shadowfiend around 60-65% mana, I also use arcane torrent everytime it's up (BE racial). I've found that I haven't had to disperse very often either. Usually regen is good enough from replenishment and shadowfiend. It sounds like your dps is right on par.
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    Re: Respeced Shadow need some help.

    I'll add some more information about gear then.

    1) Get a meta gem!! [item=41285] is a absolute must, and a large dps increase (4%)

    2) More hit is good, buy the [item=44173] and use it to you get hit capped.

    3) More hit is even better. The first thing you should buy for emblems should either be [item=40698] or [item=40696]

    I would recomend you attempt to get [item=37408] before buying [item=40696].

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    Re: Respeced Shadow need some help.

    Everything you want and need to know.

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    Re: Respeced Shadow need some help.

    I wouldn't worry about your DPS figures on trash or heroics... it's largely unimportant...

    Doomwalker's reply is good advice, check the best gear thread and all the simulation/theorycraft work on items has already been done for you.

    Basically work towards being hit capped first (290 hit), then prioritise SP>Crit>haste... i sometimes think thats misleading because a balance of stats is what you ideally want but that's the simple version.

    This is my spec of choice http://talent.mmo-champion.com/?prie...h=000000000000

    Threat really shouldn't be an issue but if for some reason it is you can steal points from Imp VE and/or Inner focus to put some in shadow affinity. Again I don't think it's necessary.

    Lastly is to work on your spell rotation or choice in spells... personally I feel that you prioritse spells in the order of VT, DP, SW:P, MB, MF and throw in SW when it makes sense to. At first perhaps leave it out completely but as you get more confident use SW to:

    1. build 2 stacks of shadowweaving when applicable
    2. on the move
    3. To make up perfect 5.5sec MB CD's so it's not delayed.

    WWS should show you how often your dots are up and how many MB's you cast vs the maximum possible. There is some good info on the EJ's WWS thread where WWS logs are discussed.

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