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    Highest Death Crit?

    Some shadow priests out here still use the spell, and I'm kinda curious about how high they've managed to get it to crit?

    Glyphed or non glyphed, raid buffed or 5 mans, just not including increased damage mechanics (i.e. Thaddius). Well?
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    Re: Highest Death Crit?

    8-9k ish on Sartharion with company.

    20k on Chromaggus.

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    Re: Highest Death Crit?

    Quote Originally Posted by Nezoia
    20k on Chromaggus.
    awesome! getting some payback from vanilla?

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    Re: Highest Death Crit?

    Well, I almost died so...

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    Re: Highest Death Crit?

    On Sarth SW: Death is cool to use since you move alot, but the shadow dmg aura works on the dmg you deal to yourself with Death, so you actualy crit yourself for 70% more then you crit the dragons... Probably the 10-12k crits there are the biggest, but only on myself.

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