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    Additional effect to Dispersion?

    I was thinking about Spriests survivability like most of us priests who want to PvP with them and I came up with an idea that if you added to dispersion: While in shadowform you now reflect a balanced number[ i want 40% ] of damage to attackers physical damage or spell orrr both within 20-30 yards of the priest.

    if you've played DotA in WC3tft there is a hero class with that similar ability like other spells that priests have are named from that game.

    but anyways it wouldnt help DPS in raids i dont think and would make people possibly think twice about targeting us squishies so quickly

    feedback? further ideas working off of this?

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    Re: Additional effect to Dispersion?

    Despite what Blizzard and some of the community have said I think they should seriously consider alowing us to cast spells while under the effect of dispersion... just because I take 90% less damage doesnt mean I can't be.

    1. Silenced
    2. Stunned
    3. Cast speed slowed
    4. Interrupted
    5. Sheeped/hexxed

    Dispersion isnt the same as immunity effects, I can still be cc'd and countered unlike a pally bubble.

    The argument of course is that dispersion is designed as a defensive ability and allowing casting could create a strategy of using it offensively to wail on someone without repercussion. I totally disagree with that argument due to the first part of this thread... while we take less damage there is a myriad of things that we are still susceptible to which can counter any offensive action we may choose to take.

    I also belive that dispersion could be used to draw out CC and a hope of countering them... for example if we disperse it may force a pally to repentance us, it might force a mage to sheep us instead of casting another offesnive spell on our partner... as it stands if we disperse it gives the opposition free reign to kick our partern down b4 switching back to us to finish us off.

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