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    Re: Breaking the clicking habit-shadow

    Vamp Touch - 1
    Devouring Plague - 2
    Shadow Word Death - 3
    Shadow Word Pain - 4
    Vamp Embrace - 5
    Mind Flay - Q
    Mind Blast - E
    Mind Sear - ` (next to the 1 key)

    The rest I click.

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    Re: Breaking the clicking habit-shadow

    VT = 4
    SWP = Shift 4
    Mind blast = C
    Mind flay = 1
    VE = 2
    Dispersion = Shift A
    SWD = Shift D
    Devouring Plague = 6
    Fade = Scroll

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    Re: Breaking the clicking habit-shadow

    devouring plague ------shift r
    Shadow Word: Pain ----shift q
    Shadow Word: Death --shift f
    Vampiric Embdace -----shift E
    Vampiric Touch--------- shift W
    Mind Blast ------------- f
    Mind flay --------------- c
    Mind sear -------------- shift c

    dispell ------------------ <
    Mass Disspell ----------shift d
    Abolish Disease --------shift <
    Psychic scream ------- shift "spacebar"

    mana burn -------------shift a
    greater heal ------------ 5
    Power Word: Shield -----r
    flash heal --------------3
    renew ------------------4
    mana fiend --------------F1
    Shackle -----------------t

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    Re: Breaking the clicking habit-shadow

    Although im specced Disc right now:

    Alt = Selfcast-Modifier

    ^: Wotf
    ctrl-^: mind-sear

    1: PW:S
    ctrl-1: Desperate Prayer

    2: Penance
    ctrl-2: SW:P

    3: Pain Supression
    ctrl-3: greater heal

    4: Flash Heal
    ctrl-4: binding heal

    5: Renew
    ctrl-5: Devouring Plague

    6: Power Infusion (i dont like the key :\)

    Q: Massdispell
    Ctrl-Q: Holy Fire

    E: Prayer of Mending
    Ctrl-E: Smite
    (as shadow silence/focus silence)

    R: SW
    ctrl-r: Focus SW (against cc, although useless right now against mage -.-)

    F: Assist
    G: Mana Burn
    C: Mindcontrol
    X: Dispel
    Y (german keyboard, so besides X): Abolish Disease/Dispel Diseas Macro
    <: Inner Focus
    V: Wand

    H: Mount
    ctrl-h: flying mount

    F1: Trinket #1
    F2: Trinket #2
    F3: Target Self
    F4: Prayer of Healing
    F5: Levitate
    F6: Shakle

    Mouse4: Fade
    Ctrl-Mouse4: Inner Fire

    Mouse5: Psychic Scream
    Ctrl-Mouse5: Shadowfiend

    Shift-1: Pet attack
    Shift-2: Pet follow
    Shift-3: Pet stay (i think i never used it on priest )

    I: Chat-reply
    shift-c: open character screen

    i think that should be all...

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    Re: Breaking the clicking habit-shadow

    I use the followings as shadow:

    1 - Shakle (changing from time to time with Mindcontrol if I have to use that)
    2 - Mind Flay
    3 - Mind Blast
    4 - Mind Sear
    5 - Wand
    6 - SW:P
    7 - Fear (most of the time I click this one)

    R - Shadow Fiend
    T - VT
    Z - SW (german keyboard so z is next to t)
    F - VE
    G - DP
    H - Dispersion

    Shift+F - Shield
    Shift+Mouse Button - Mass Dispel
    Mouse Button - Dispel
    Shift+R - Inner Focus

    C - Run
    Shift+C - Character screen

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    Re: Breaking the clicking habit-shadow


    1. PW:S
    2. SW
    3. inner focus
    4. Dev. plague
    R. SW:P
    F. Vamp. touch
    C. dispersion
    B. mind blast
    G. mind sear
    T. prayer of healing when i'm not in shadowform
    5. dispel magic
    6. mass dispel

    H. fade
    N. mindflay
    Y. mana burn
    V. vamp. embrace
    X. trinket 14 (in a macro)
    8. i had desperate prayer here but then they removed it, haven't put something useful here yet
    alt-1. shadowform
    alt-2. hymn of hope
    alt-3. levitate
    ctrl-A. s.prot
    ctrl-S. fortitude
    ctrl-D. i used to have spirit here when i was disc, noting now as shadow

    shift-1. mind soothe
    shift-2. shackle undead
    shift-3. abolish disease
    shift-4. ornate spyglass (everyone has one, right?)
    shift-R. lifeblood
    shift-F. repeatable quest macro (works wonders for most quests too)
    shift-X. trinket 13 (still macro)
    shift-C mount (headless horseman's mount but that bugs sometimes so i have...)
    shift-V mount button 2 (albino drake if you must know)
    shift-Q mind vision
    shift-T psychic scream
    shift-Spacebar. shadowfiend

    Ctrl-Q. healthstone
    Ctrl-W. divine hymn
    Ctrl-E. bought water
    Ctrl-R. ressurection
    Ctrl-F. mage's table food/water
    Ctrl-C. mind control
    Ctrl-<. Quest items that must be used in some way, like bombs in bem or isle of quel'danas
    Ctrl-G. wand
    Ctrl-X. human racial (pvptrinket)
    Ctrl-Z. fear ward
    Alt-X. prayer of fortitude
    Alt-C. prayer of s.prot

    and the less essential ones

    Numpad9. tailoring
    Numpad8. cooking
    Numpad7. rope pet leash
    Numpad6. some silly macro
    Numpad5. critter bites
    Numpad4. blue moth
    Numpad3. some rpweapon
    Numpad2. a /target tremor totem /cast sw:d macro
    Numpad1. equips my proper weapon again after fishing
    Alt-§. it used to be my real "OH SHI-" button, using desperate prayer, lifeblood, healthstone and health potion
    Shift-middle mouse. a macro that equips my fishing pole, equips the pole with a lure and casts it
    Ctrl-scroll up/down. inner fire

    and that's all folks
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