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    Frostweave Grinding Locations?

    Ok now that it seems that Icecrowns grinding spot as been hotfixed to no longer drop frostweave cloth were should I go to get my frostweave cloth? and good Grinding Spots?

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    Re: Frostweave Grinding Locations?

    Storm peaks..crater area of the hodir daily quest.

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    Re: Frostweave Grinding Locations?

    Keep this thread going guys, I found a good spot to kill melee dudes. drop ok, easy kill, they throw poison vials at you though.

    So, in icecrown, north of the map in the middle. there is a small citadel there, just at the bottom of the citadel.

    I think there are some other good spots in icecrown but havent explored it all yet.

    More spots please

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    Re: Frostweave Grinding Locations?

    i know an amazing place where i grind 5 - 6 stacks an hour as a tailor affliction lock

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    Re: Frostweave Grinding Locations?

    in sholazaar the area around the avatar of freya is kinda nice .. massive instant respawning undeads droping cloth and different other stuff
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    Re: Frostweave Grinding Locations?

    The best spots I found were in Ironforge, Stormwind, Exodar and Darnassus, you can get nearly endless stacks there in a minute.

    Just grinding anything at a good spot and selling it to the AH and then buying what I want worked out best for me...

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    Re: Frostweave Grinding Locations?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bambikiller
    i know an amazing place where i grind 5 - 6 stacks an hour as a tailor affliction lock
    Wow. Thanks so much for sharing your useless input! it REALLY helped me!

    ... oh wait.

    @the OP, yea i used to farm at the rider of blood place, and i got about 2k a day from the frostweave/greens/greys. It SUCKS now that blizz hotfixed that place AND the skeletons next to them.

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