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    Re: Of the Nightfall

    we put in 3 hours Monday night and got as far as a 5% wipe on the 3rd drake

    then back last night same group apart from a different holy pala and we got the kill.

    Group was made up of

    Feral (obviously)
    2 DK tanks 1 unholy the other imp icy talons spec (I have no clue about DK's)

    ret pala
    FF mage
    shadow priest (me)

    Resto shamy
    resto druid

    at the end DPS metre was me, moonkin, mage. with 1% between us. all on about 3.6k dps ish.

    we would pop hero on the 1st drake and kill him in about 1 min (just as VE was about to expire). Then we'd nuke the whelps to reduce the incoming damage on the DK. then DPS down the 2nd drake. Then me, mage, moonkin, holydin and ret who put on a shield went into the portal. killed the 2 in there. then dps'd down the 3rd drake. back into the portal. kill him. then all onto sarth.

    although during the 2nd portal visit the shammy and druid were both oom. holydin on 70% mana lol. I did some healing and threw some shields around and 10 were standing at the end.

    I love the fight. I can decide if I like it more than muru pre nerf.

    I can only assume melee fail so much because it's really hard to see the fissures on the floor when death and decay is down. I almost got hit by one because of that.

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    Re: Of the Nightfall

    Cool to see so many people accomplishing this as well or attempting this.

    On the mind sear from the first page. It is currently the best aoe in the game seeing its not dmg capped like some other aoe spells / abilities. Also of the constant moving my mind sear sticks to the target in comparison to Blizzard or Volley for example.

    Was fun to see that at the last 50k of Sartharion himself I gained up on the dmg meter and within the last 3 seconds beating the Mage resulting me being Top dmg on the fight ^^. Aoe ftw.

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    Re: Of the Nightfall

    We did it almost a month ago.. world 82. and killed him 3 times since.
    Usually we have a setup like:

    Druid Tank (tanks sarth in full fire resi gear, lvl 70 stuff mostly :P)
    Warrior Tank (tanks the 3 adds)
    Paladin Tank (tanks lava spawns + whelps)

    Holy Pala
    Resto Shaman
    Resto Druid

    Unholy DK (can tank the portal add)

    We did it everytime with a different setup.. its as always, once you beat the encounter it gets almost trivial.
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    Re: Of the Nightfall

    Gratz on your kill ! =)

    We used :

    1 Death Knight.
    1 Shadow Priest.
    1 Holy Paladin.
    1 Balance Druid.
    1 Mage.
    1 Resto Shaman.
    1 Elemental Shaman.
    1 Warlock
    2 Feral Druids

    Druid MT Sarth, Druid Tanking 3 drakes, DK tanking spawns and whelps
    DK or Boomkin tanking in portal, with boomkin, SP or Ele Shaman offhealing.

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