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    Lvling disc northrend

    Sup, I would like to know if disc can be good for lvling in northrend, i dont rly like shadow, and disc look awesome, give me some feedback plz !!

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    Re: Lvling disc northrend

    If you like it do it.

    People leveled their warriors prot and their mages arcane even before they got awesome. Sure another tree or spec would've been faster or better but if you want to stick to your decision and you don't like shadow then I'd say go for Disc.

    Plus you can heal instances even better, sure a shadow can heal a 5-man but still it's more fun that way.

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    Re: Lvling disc northrend

    well i been leveling disc from 1-61 lol and for sure im gonna stay disc in northrend, imo its better than shadow :P i never go oom and my heals are leet

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