After taking up Inscription, before the release of WotLK, I was rather excited to explore a new profession. Both my professions (Enchanting/Inscription) I use for personal purposes, I am not bothered about them making money nor profit.

I am a draenei tankadin, so the stamina enchants for rings is a nice buff. What I am musing over now, is whether Inscription is a lost cause. The only really thing, that I benefit from with Inscription, is the shoulder enchant, and, all that gives me is an extra 0.80% dodge overall. I gain nothing else from the profession.

So. I was strongly considering changing to Jewelcrafting, for the BoP Gems and for the awesome trinket.

The difference between the two, for me, is that if I took Jewelcrafting, I would gain +1173hp and +8% dodge for 10 seconds every minute. Compare that to the 0.80% dodge from Inscription.

So, is it worth the expense of changing over to Jewelcrafting, or would you stick out Inscription and see if it gets buffed with more 'BoP' goodies?