Currently the spec I use as of yesterday is the following:

I have a few comments on it. Mana seems to be a bigger issue now because like said earlier FB just sucks your mana pool. I noticed crit rates being much higher from ~60% to 66-67% RNG..., but fact remains its definitely more crit. FFB dps was ~ 4800-5200 pre patch, TTW FB post patch on Patchwerk was 6150. Overall I noticed a lot more dps, but the lack of hit due to no hit talents is killing me. That Patchwerk I got lucky with no misses w/ 285 hit + raid buffes and hit aura. Another thing I noticed is hot steaks are flying in fast and I dont miss them, but often they sit longer with FB due to increased cast time. FB cast w/ raid buffs is 2.42 sec. This is an area that DPS is lost on. I wonder how FFB w/ LB changes compares to this. If a fight is longer then 4 min I am going to have to evo and lose DPS this way also.