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    shadow dam or crit

    hi all , (new member long time reader)

    after some advice please <<
    im playing on my shadow priest for raids and have read up on hit cap etc but i can not find anything about spell dam against crit . at what point if any , do you look more at crit gems over spell ones ?
    as it stands i have 1867 dam (with inner fire up ) and 18.50% crit but i know some of my gear is under par

    sorry if this seems a silly thing to ask , but im still learning shadow priests as have allways been a shammy healer

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    Re: shadow dam or crit

    Gear and Gems^^

    HIt Cap is your Friend but i ahve been hitting the boss 100% except for MF even under hit cap.

    you may have 18+% from gear but also factor in your Crit included by your talents you will see you ahve more crit then you thought

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    Re: shadow dam or crit

    Always Spell Power over Crit. For example, this is an imaginary stat called "PP = Pseudopower" this would say how much a stat adds to your dps.

    spellpower = 1.27
    Spell Crit= 0.78

    So yes, Spellpower is better for gems.

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    Re: shadow dam or crit

    spell power is counted as 1 in the PP maths... crit as 0.61 as far as the shadowpriest.com ranking goes...
    * 1 spellpower = 1 PP
    * 1 crit rating = 0.61 PP
    * 1 haste = 0.56 PP
    * 1 spirit = 0.21 PP
    * 1 int = 0.19 PP
    * 1 hit = 1.12 PP (when not hit-capped)

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    Re: shadow dam or crit

    thanks for the fast replies , ok spell power gems it will be

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    Re: shadow dam or crit

    Spend some time lurking in www.shadowpriest.com , it will have all the info a newcomer can wish for , good luck.

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    Re: shadow dam or crit

    Watch for your Meta though.

    Need the Crit meta and 2 blues to make it work

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    Re: shadow dam or crit

    Roll JC

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    Re: shadow dam or crit

    others were faster, but yeah

    1 spell power is like 0.61 crit

    so what i do, i got the add on dps gear

    plugged in the PP of each stat and bam, i get a number on all my gear tooltips for quick comparison


    theres the add on

    * 1 spellpower = 1 PP
    * 1 crit rating = 0.61 PP
    * 1 haste = 0.56 PP
    * 1 spirit = 0.21 PP
    * 1 int = 0.19 PP

    theres the numbers i plugged in
    just make all other stats 0
    and mind hit cap
    Rejoice, For very bad things are about to happen...

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    Re: shadow dam or crit

    Or add it to wowhead weights (check the other topic I made), and you can see how gear pieces is ranked compared to eachother.

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    Re: shadow dam or crit

    One other consideration: Do you ever plan on healing? It turns out that except for some hit rating on your shadow gear, you are geared for discipline healing. If you think you'll do alot of discipline healing, then some crit gems will go better towards that end. Right now I have a really heavy crit set for disc, i toss in 4 pieces to get hit capped, and I have a shadow set that performs just under my guilds main shadow priest. If you only plan on doing shadow dps however the correct order of stat preference is Hit (to cap), Spell Power, Crit, Haste.

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