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Thank you all for the input. I did a 10-man Vault and I see the point. It is hard to make a "set" rotation since the cooldowns of MB and SW are spread out. I was at about 2300 dps and I'm still about 85 shy of the hit cap, so I think I'm doing pretty well.
Yeah the biggest part of being a shadow priest is situational awareness. And that just come from time. For now, just get the basics; keeping your dots up and using the other spells on cooldown. And of course try to get hit capped. If you're starving for hit you could try Glyph of Power (+22 Spell damage and Healing, +14 Spell hit rating - The Sha'tar (Revered)). Its not a whole lot, but every bit helps. (i also havent done the math to compare it to the Arcanum of Burning Mysteries)

But you're doing good, just keep it up and you'll be a shadow priest guru in no time.