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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    I like it. Not because it's easy, but because we can always chill out and know we'll clear it in a night. It's not the content that makes it for me, it's the lulz we have on vent and in /ra, /g, /p, etc. Without a guild that has that person-to-guild-to-person feel to it, it wouldn't be the same. At the moment, i'm in my guild because of the people there, not the content itself. Without the feel of a guild being a family, it really wouldn't be for me (which is what almost all my previous guilds were like; no feeling to it, no laughs, just raiding, etc).

    As for Naxx itself, yeah, it's pretty cool. The thing is, most people that were surprised by it being so easy, is because they thought "Hmmm, this was the hardest raid at 60, why's it so easy now?". That's all it's based on, nothing more. One thing's for sure though; It beats the socks off of anything in TBC, with the exception of BT and SWP. It's an awesome design, and you can actually kill yourself on so many parts of the environment in there (Slimes, Pipe before Gluth that you can fall off of [Multiple times if you're the GM . /wave Rhinz], Invisble shades popping up on you, etc).

    I'm enjoying the content at the moment, because i know that if i need to take the night off of raiding, there's usually enough people that can take my place, with the exception of Sarth+3 (which we started learning last night). I know that if i can't make the raid, unless there's a major shortage of people, that the guild will be able to take most of the content. Don't get me wrong, i do yearn for a challenge, but after raiding 5/7 days per week for a year, it's nice to unwind into something easier, but with new skills.

    One thing does stand though and is really prominent over any other points; It beats the living daylights out of kara, SSC, and TK (exceptions being Kael and Vashj).

    There's different types of enjoyment and satisfaction while raiding. It's good if you can manage to enjoy more than just one of these.

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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    It definitely would have been nice if they made Kel'thuzad a near-Kael/Vashj difficulty fight - it would have been justified considering the loot he drops.

    It would have made killing him all the more satisfying rather than the inevitable mow-down it is atm.  And it would only have prevented guilds from killing one boss, rather than a cockblock like Vael or Kael/Vashj (pre-attunement change), stopping people from seeing later raid content.

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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    Having never seen Naxx at 60 (started playing sept 06, was level 58 by patch 2.0), its fun to experience a new Raid, or at least a new raid to me - in the same way it would be fun for me to try BWL as its one of the few old skool raids that I have never been to.

    what isnt so fun is the frequent server side lag, and for some reason very low fps on 25 man naxx, which I dont get at all on 10 man (I can only assume, more players + more visual effects + more adds on boss fights that have them = more to render?). we have several people in our raid comm who cant do certain fights (thaddius in particular) because they DC during the fight.

    I find the low fps especially weird as I never had fps problems in any TBC raid up to BT/MH (I would say sunwell but I only saw a little of that before wrath), and its a lvl 60 instance right? I mean people werent expected to have modern(2008/9) graphics cards in 2006? ??? (I use dual Geforce 9800 GTX+ using SLi)

    I have pugged it which was fun initially, again when it was new to most except those who had been there at 60.

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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    As lame as this sounds, Naxx would be a lot more fun if there was a rep faction associated with it that got you a ring or something... like kara or Hyjal.

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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    Naxx is fun as fuck, no wonder a lot of people praise it as their favorite instance from Vanilla WoW.

    And I really don't get the trouble with Heigan...he is so fucking easy.

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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    My point of view:
    - I really liked Kara - was one of the first instances I played. We wiped, but in the end it felt really great to be going past Curator... and then on. I loved Kara graphics, and could imagine fighting Prince on the balcony, in the rain or Nightbane... thought Naxx would have this cool atmosphere too.

    - I dont like Naxx - graphicswise I feel its very simple (green and gray everywhere). No interesting bossess - where is opera (when you didn't know what you'd get)? Where is opera (when you had all the undead looking at you on a stage... awaiting your death?!) and where is chess (when you felt it was really funny to add somehting like that in an instance)?

    I never played original Naxx, and I was looking forward to it. Somehow huge doors shaped like giant mouths don't make sense in a floating pyramid... its getting so bizarre, I just can't find it fun. The area with oozes and pipes are sort of ok, but the rest is quite bad in my view. In BC also Hijal was fun - interesting raid idea. Zul Aman was very good from a design point of view - same for Sunwell - I'd rate Naxx very low: from graphics, from atmosphere, from interesting boss encounters as well. Lets hope Blizzard makes things more interesting with Ulduar.

    One more thing: the thread was about "Do you find Naxx fun" not about "Do you find your guild fun". I think it has to be seperated. We also have fun in the instance from time to time as we have some great characters. But the basic is, do you think Naxx is so good? Actually I don't think so, and I think it has to do with Blizzard doing most of the WOTLK content in 6 months time only, when Sunwell come out - not enough time for everyhting.

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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    Quote Originally Posted by CobraN
    I really hated kara after the first time you went through. There was just sooo much trash. I like naxx even though 10 and 25 man versions are exactly the same.
    It doesn't help the fun factor when you basically end up doing the exact same thing twice a week on one character instead of two entirely different things (all that changes is the number of people you are shackled to, and the item drops). I used to be hard pressed to do Kara a couple times a week on different toons... The whole "Heroic" mode for 10 mans upgrading them to 25 mans seems like a really strange step sideways, if not back, in the fun department.

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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    I have had a lot of fun in Naxx and so have my guildies.

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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dumbhammer
    It's a very different kind of fun..... but the people we're with make it a kind of fun.
    Kinda like the "fun" group in kara, as we were gearing out 3rd alts.....

    Quote Originally Posted by Bainz
    The only ones whining should be the Guilds that have completed Sarth +3 and all the Difficult Raid Achievements.
    I disagree. I havent attempted sarth+3, because i know i'm not geared for it. And because i'm grouping with "the players, not the class".
    Yet yet the lack of motivation has me a little dissatisfied, since it's difficult to push yourself to be ready for something you're already able to handle somewhat adequately.

    One of the things i miss about the game is the desire to be constantly pushing. It felt like there was always a near unachievable goal to work towards in BC and pre-BC. (though i joined late, and was in a casual guild; hitting 60 only a few months before BC)

    I miss the days of "getting geared for kara". 68+ blues required etc.
    I miss the challenge of wiping all night to get a new boss.....

    guild-first kills feels kinda like those few after the patch, when no one even wanted to take a screenshot.

    Yeah, i do sound kinda negative, but it's not intended to be completely that way.

    I do like being able to choose the people i want to spend time with, as opposed to "the asshole with massive DPS". I have had a lot of laughs with those same people who farmed kara.... complete with in-jokes, and new in-jokes created; a couple in particular while fighting the toughest boss of all: Frogger!

    So i'm really of two minds of the subject. Then again, i fall into the category of "hardcore casual".... one foot in each category, just hanging out and trying to have fun AND challenging progression.......
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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    I do enjoy it.

    I particularly enjoy the variation of doing it in 10 and 25 man groups.

    And I LOVE the new Mark system.
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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    I personally find Naxx to be fun. It's easy enough to allow me to bullshit in vent the whole time while getting loot.

    Granted I enjoy my guildmates thus vent is a lot of fun and only on a few bosses do we need to stfu and pay attention [Thaddius, 4H, Heigan, Saph] the rest of the time we just talk about inappropriate shit and babble on, makes the overall experience pleasant. So yeah personally I enjoy it, but not because the instance is fun, but because of the people I run it with.

    Now if I were to run Naxx with a zomgserious guild then no, I wouldn't like it. It's boring BECAUSE it isn't much of a challenge, the hardest part of naxx is finding competent people to run it with.

    Even though the OP doesn't want to discuss about how easy it is, the fact it's so easy is a large part of why I don't like Naxx in general, the instance doesn't offer up much of a challenge which hinders the experience overall.

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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    Yes, I enjoy it.

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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    I enjoyed Karazhan much more. I would have enjoyed it much more if it had Naxx trash. That being said, Naxx is not really all that hard. Some of the fights I still find annoying. I bloody hate the Thaddeus fight on 25 man. Apparently this fight is one where Blizzard forgot they were making a MMO and figured everyone would have top end machines with top speed connection and the Blizzard servers would never lag (yeah right). A fight where one person lagging can bring the entire fight to an end in 15 seconds is stupid imo. The rest of the fights are just very very lack luster. It looks like they took the laziest way out in this expansion and didn't even really try. It goes beyond Naxx to the whole expansion if you ask me, and the majority of the expansion content just isn't fun.
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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    I like Naxx, but not nearly as much as I liked Kara.
    Since the start of TBC I started raiding hardcore up to and including Sunwell, before TBC I only raided ZG, AQ20, MC and BWL.

    I have to say, that with all the raiding content I have ever experienced, Karazhan is the best raid instance ever.

    Karazhan is brilliant:
    • Magical atmosphere.
    • Amazing graphics.
    • Rich lore - alot of quests involved this instance, including one "cut-scene" quest.
    • Incredible encounters like the opera, chess event (I liked it alot even if it was a total joke), Aran, Maiden, Moroes, Nightbane, every encounter really. There were better encounters in other raids, but Kara had alot of them, like a big compilation of awesomeness.
    • Music. I really liked the music.

    Unfortunately, Naxx has none of the above. The only thing that contributes to the atmosphere is the voice of a woman screaming "help me! save me!" which I find pretty cool, but that's about it.
    The graphics are abysmal.
    Absolutely no quests whatsoever. Zero lore. What is Naxxramas, actually?
    Encounters are boring mostly. Heigan is "ok", Gluth is "ok", Grobbulus is "ok", everything is basically either "ok" or "boring", except for Kel'thuzad which is "kinda" fun. Malygos and Sartharion (with 1 or more drakes) are incredibly fun encounters, why couldn't Naxx be as fun?

    It's not that I don't like it at all. As I said, I like Naxx. I have fun running it, but not nearly as I have running other instances.

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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    Quote Originally Posted by bujaberry
    Do remember Naxx is THE entry level raid, blizz stated they wanted it to be puggable, and well it is. As for the challenge hungry ppl, sarth + drakes is 1 of those challenges. And oh, how i love the ppl that cry that content is too easy but yet have failed/not attempted to take sarth + drakes ^^
    So in short, Blizzard was to lazy to make us a new raid dungeon to ship with the expansion that we all paid over $30 for, but they have no problem making one six months later after we have gotten completely bored by the expansion. I see that as a problem.
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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    it depends who I raid with. I do it with my guild every week and we clear it in about 3 hours. We can hang out and joke and have a good time.

    With alts I've pugged it and gone with other guilds and it can be the most disturbingly horrible instance I've ever been in. 15min explanations followed by wipes followed by another 15 mins of explanations about what went wrong... etc..., even some guild runs that have the 15min explanations and they one shot the boss followed by 15mins of loot and then take a 10 min break...

    My thought is, if you're gonna raid, then raid. Wasting so much time is where instances and raiding become dull.

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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    Ask yourself: If Naxx dropped no loot whatsover, would you raid it?
    For me, Hell No.

    People are redoing all other old instances. Kara runs are a regular for any members of our guild new to the game, even though they know all the gear is will be replaced before they even get 75. The instance itself, is fun: Opera, Shade, Chess, the two dragons, etc.. The fact that there are so many Kara runs when the loot is meaningless is a testament that the instance is fun and isn't just being run for loot.

    I'd never step into Naxx if the loot didn't drop there. Visually boring and monotone. The encounters all put a greater emphasis on the "gimmick" rather than the group's ability (eg Safety Dance, you can 3 man this if you know the pattern). Personally, i don't pay $15/month to play a platform game.

    Almost all the new instances i do like however. I'm sure Ulduar will also be up to par.

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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    I have to laugh at all the people comparing naxx to kara, basically claiming that kara is the pinnacle of raiding.

    But seriously, you have to remember that Naxx was the most difficult instance to date and Blizzard's favorite - they didn't want to make it again and still have people unable to complete it. If you don't think its fun, stop doing it. Simple as that.

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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    I ran through Kara to exalted on 3 toons. My main was probably exalted 3 times over. I go to kara every chance I get.

    I never raided Naxx in vanilla WoW, and I have only been there twice in Wrath. I never want to go back. I log off my main and jump on my secret alt when I see it is getting close to raid time.

    Until a decent raid comes out, the only thing in Naxx for me is gear. If there are no other raids, then I don't really need the gear. I am just going to skip Naxx and raid when the real raids are available. I'm sure by then Blizzard will have a new batch of badge gear so not running Naxx will make no difference.

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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    There are quite a few of us who like playing the game for a good challenge and thus they don't enjoy Naxx because of how it is now.
    I still enjoy the instance because I know what it was like at lvl 60. I can appreciate it now and then. All the encounters now are about 50% easier than they used to be. This isn't because the skill level of players have increased, but because Blizz dumbed down the encounters a lot. Ask anyone you know that did 60 naxx about how the bosses have changed and you will be amazed.

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