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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    dumbed down yes, but some - or rather few - mechanics are unforgiving like not being able to dance in heigan. Its a shame that not decursing on Noth can be saved by just healing through since you take so little damage.
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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    Quote Originally Posted by Spl4sh3r
    I agree Kara is fun, but mostly cause of the voices "Run away little girl" <3

    Must start playing Naxx with sound and music

    EDIT Dumbhammer it's Heigan
    Oh man the atmospheric music in Construct quarter is ridiculously stressful. That one butchered chord that sustains and gets louder...*shudder*

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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    I founding funny situations in naxx that are being commented on ts, and after all all the ts spam there My guild is having fun on raids, so on.

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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    I love Naxx. I ran it on my Rogue back in vanilla and now running it on my priest. I agree that it is much easier, but that is some of the fun. I like the fact that I can get in there and not have to be focused to the exclusion of all else. If I want to do Naxx AND watch a movie, I can.

    Cook dinner and down Maex. No problem. I could even down Sapph now and be able to paint my house at the same time if wanted. i think the new instances are Blizz's way of letting peeps play the game and also participate IRL.

    All joking aside, I find the raids and instances fun. I used to play hardcore and can understand the frustration of the peeps that are not getting that thrill from completing a particularly hard fight for the first time. But I like the fact that I do not have to play 40+ hours a week just to see content. I think adding the achievements is a great way to appeal to those Hardcore gamers and also make content doable for those of us that vcilliate between hardocre and casual.

    Besides. Compared to when TBC, came out, this release is a thousand-bazillion times more smooth and polished. You all know that the instances in WotLK are much better than most of those before.

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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    If the Naxx bossfights don't seem so much fun compared to TBC instances its because they have been made much easier than they were at 60. Someone said Razuvius was tank and spank, not at 60 when you had to LoS his shout, and rotate 4 adds to do the tanking. Anubrekan would be over if your tank got just 2 stacks of the debuff, and the range was nearly half the room, the adds enraged at low health and if anyone died hordes of little scarabs appeared. Trash could wipe you in a flash.

    Plus you gotta take Naxx as the sum of its parts, there are more bosses in Naxx than any other instance and its designed so you can do them in an order of your own choosing to some extent.

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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    Quote Originally Posted by Futboldan
    I think the new instances are Blizz's way of letting peeps play the game and also participate IRL.

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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dumbhammer
    The main topic around Naxx has been the ease of doing it. But for me the main issue should always be, is it actually fun?
    its fun when:

    - "OMG WHERE DID THE SHADE CAME FROM?" from the same guy over vent

    - "Okay, do not pass this line, thanks dude, where the disco ball is"

    - "-50dkp for those who screws up safety dance, -100dkp for those who died to safety dance"

    - "I wonder what happens if Lotherb hits 100 doom"

    - "Wait, I am suppose to tank what at where?"

    - "Lesson of the day: Hateful strikes hurt"

    - "Hey guys, I am stuck behind the bars.... again"

    - "Aw c'mon, the flame waves don't really hurt that...... OH SNAP!"


    - "Um... guys, who just Starfall'ed?"

    - "I think I just lost my appetite" -- quoted from Gluth's fight
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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    Naxx is fun if random things happen. Things you don't expect. I always hope for something weird to happen when I step into naxx with my group. I know it'll be a cake to down the instance and that's boring. When I step into naxx, I want to feel that this is going to be hard. "Will we be able to take <Insert Boss> today, or shall we try <Insert Another Boss>?" That's what I miss from old school raiding. But Keep in mind that this is just an entry level raid. Ulduar will probably be fun and hard.

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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    I found it 2nd clear as boring as karazhan just before wotlk release.. After I realized this isnt really raiding, this is more a take away epic grinding.

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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    Naxx is fun as a RL when you assign a Raider as a boss to explain tactics in the middle of the room and a Shade pops up not only once and kills him, but twice. So hilarious ^^.

    'OMG Shade killed the Boss! We need him on our team'.

    And yes I love my crazy guild with it's 'Controlled Chain Pull' and 'All the Noobs stayed alive' mentality ;D

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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    Did it to death in Vanilla, so I cant take the instance seriously now when people can down patchwerk so easy compared to how it was then.

    It really is more a grab and run instance now - kill a boss grab loot run to next boss - rinse repeat.

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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    I never did much PvE in TBC, gathered about 15 badges of justice on 2 characters. IMO Naxx is a bit too easy, but at the same time if you go with a PUG then it tends to go horribly wrong. This may well be due to the fact that many WoW players are complete and utter morons, but for the people who are not morons the raid is a fun enjoyable instance. Trash is not an issue and the boss encounters are not just tank and spank so downing them is definately an achievement although perhaps not comparable to pre WotLK content, I cannot compare.

    My point is, yes naxx is fun, there is an element of difficulty, but you are not worrying about raid composition ahead of the people you want to raid with. This can only be a good thing because surely it is better to raid with people you like rather than people who happen to play a class that is currently doing silly raid DPS or is the best raid tank/healer.

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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    i dont really enjoy naxx.. dont really care about the "hardness" i just dont enjoy naxx... the design the bosses the mobs... me no like

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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    I still can't figure out the fun factor o raiding, thus I wouldn't say naxx is fun at all. It's a nice timesink, what else has one to do other than raiding? Oh and it's nice to see 60k dmg in a second as frost specced dps dk on those trash packs

    But overall, it's not fun to see most of your raid is unable to understand simple tactics

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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    It ain't to bad, but not trying to be off topic but sartharion and malygos is waaaay funner imo
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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    10 man naxx is boring
    25 man naxx is fun ONLY if the instance doesnt lag *cough cough* Thadius

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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dumbhammer
    The main topic around Naxx has been the ease of doing it. But for me the main issue should always be, is it actually fun?

    Personally I find it a very boring instance and it feels as outdated as it is. I'm a huge fan of Kara, and even ZA was pretty good. But going to Naxx feels like a real step back. Graphically it looks rather dull. I dont find most of the boss fights very fun either. And there seems to be less fun stuff like we had in Kara.

    I admit I didnt do the original Naxx, but going there just feels boring because it reminds me of countless trips to Scholo/Strat.

    Do you think the debate should now switch to how good Naxx really is...?

    Reminder, this isnt a debate on how easy it is. Some people might argue I'm not enjoying it because it's too easy, but my guild has cleared it, but still wipe there on some bosses on occasion because of crappy DPS. It's not hard for us, but we're not exactly on auto-pilot like we were with Kara by the last few months.

    I had fun in Naxx the first couple weeks, since then it feels a hell of a lot like a chore tot he point where I let the guild rep me with a pug this weekend.

    My main problem with Naxx: Its freckin enormous , fairly easy, and for the most part rehashed content that had already been seen. As long as Ulduar is new content I can see it being far more engaging for at least a little while, regardless of difficulty.

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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    Naxx was fun the first few times.

    Malygos is still a fool fight (even though it's easy).

    Sarth +3 is the best fight of the expansion IMO.

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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    i joined WOW with my guild half way through BT so i never experianced ANY raid content other than 3 kara runs. so starting wotlk on pretty much an even footing with my guild mates im giving raiding a try. so to me naxx seems a ton of getting gear,learning co-ordination and seeing fights for the 1st time however that said my guild finished naxx in under 3 nights. and the thought that we had finished the only multi boss raid content on off did make me sad.

    im appreciating the fights and graphics and with a raid make up that includes a lot of ppl in unfamiliar roles ( DPS now tank dps now heals) plus my noobishness and a general need for gear the fight will remain fun. but i dont think im alone in thinking we ened to see an idea of overall dungeon content to come..fine ok ulduar is next..but then what?
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    Re: Do you actually find Naxx fun?

    Q: Do you actually find Naxx fun?
    A: No.

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