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    How does the US priest forums look?

    Greetings! I'm just curious to hear how many blue-posts the priest forum, more specifically those regarding shadow, has got on the US forums?

    We all know shadow is not a viable pvp-spec, but on the EU forums we're not getting any attention at all. Is it the same on the US forums?

    If not, have they actually said anything about the pvp situation, or is it the usual bullshit of "shadow is fine"?


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    Re: How does the US priest forums look?

    I think they are still investigating whether they should only tinker with individual specs and classes or first nerf everyone's damage across the board somehow and then move on to that. There hasn't been much information regarding shadowpriest's pvp situation in particular, but you can be very sure that they know about it. The situation is simply the worst for ranged dps with no immunities and little ability to kite. It will change but it probably won't happen during the next few weeks.

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