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    What stats?

    Recently dinged 62 and have been leveling holy since about level 20. Now that I'm in outlands the gear itemization is a lot better and I actually have specific stats to work towards.

    My question is, as a healer, what stats should I concentrate on? I've heard priests have problems with going OOM, so obviously I should work on my mana regen. Should that mainly be spirit or mp5? Also how high is crit on my list of priorities?

    A break down like: spell power > spirit > int > crit > mp5 would be appreciated so that I know which pieces of gear to start focusing on as I level up.

    If it helps attached is a link to my character (ignore the enchants like +7 agility to gloves, I was leveling up enchanting and a worthless stat was still better than no enchant at all, and most that gear will be gone by the end of the night).


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    Re: What stats?

    Are you planning on levelling to 80 or keeping it at 70? (some people havent picked up Wotlk)

    I like to gear up in this order:
    Spell Power > spirit > crit > int > haste

    I will sacrifice spell power for pieces with more crit/haste or spirit. Since usually it's only around a 10-15 sp difference.

    Spirit is still superior to Mp5 on items, you'll benefit more from it. From what I remember items you get levelling up in BC dont really have a ton of haste nor do you really need it. As for going oom, it's probably more so choosing and timing your spells wisely as well as using the 5 second rule to your advantage (you do want a solid amount of spirit though). Priests that mindlessly click spells are the ones going oom quickly if you have a solid tank and dps who arent making things hard on you.

    I see you picked up inner focus (which I love). Really helps with the 5 sec rule to maximize your mana regen. If you're in a situation where you can time it right.

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    Re: What stats?

    Yeah, I plan on going to 80 with this toon and being a healer. I'm aware of the 5 second rule, so I'm not too worried about that, but unfortunately haven't had too much time to play around with healing instances since not very many are run (or worth running) until you get to Outlands.

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    Re: What stats?

    Personal thought:

    Pure Disc: Intellect -> Crit -> Spellpower.

    If you reach Mental Strenght (+15% Int) and Still CoH specced (My spec) : Intellect -> Haste -> Crit -> Spirit.

    Pure Holy -> Spirit -> Haste -> Spellcrit -> Spellpower.

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    Re: What stats?

    Again, putting stats into this > that > this, is a really poor way to describe what you should do... you need to balance your stats... there is no point sacraficing massive amounts of SP for 2 addition crit rating...

    In some ways, once you have the mana regen to spam and not go oom, SP is a good stat to stack because it directly increases your HPS. I'd suggest you read the information at and stop dumbing down healing stats to a simple formula... its not that simplistic.

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    Re: What stats?


    SP - Spirit - Crit - Haste - Intellect/Mp5. Blates.

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