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    Need advice for Sarth 10 man

    In general, I wanted to start trying this with some chosen few in our guild. We have a select few (spriest, 2 dk, 2 hunter, rogue, lock) that have really good damage. These guys are also really good at moving and generally good at the game.

    In trying to form and learn the 1, 2, 3D setups, what would you guys suggest?

    Start at 1D the first week? 2D? Give 3D a shot?

    Also, based on your suggestion (1D for example, or 2D) which drake would you kill off to not include. Basically, which drake is the easiest and which drake"s" are the easiest (because obviously with 3 it wouldn't matter)

    Next, what would you suggest about the dps that I named. They are about equal in dps except the shad priest usually beats them all, with the hunter in 2nd.

    Lastly, I see some people saying 2 healers and some saying 3. Our pro healers are a pally, priest and shaman in that order.

    I am the prot pally and am the main tank. We also have another prot pally that is 25 man geared and a warrior that is 10 man geared, but not 25 so much.

    I want to start attempting this, but I just want to start out doing it with the same group and want advice on what you guys think about all this info and maybe throw a suggestion or 2 out for me.


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    Re: Need advice for Sarth 10 man

    i dont try to be an ass but if you search a little bit you find enough basic information withing few clicks of search ^^
    even wowhead comments give more than enough help ^^ try to get it prechewed here .. well .. makes one doubt of your ability to pull it off at all

    on progress .. well .. trying with no drake at first then when you know about the others try 1 or 2 next id

    depends on your peoples experience and ability to adapt ^^

    but after all best is to whipe it and learn it your way its not too hard to find the key to the encounter by doing that ... ok almost .. but the hardmode "secret" is a nobrainer after all^^
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    Re: Need advice for Sarth 10 man

    Sarth 10 is extremely easy, first start off with grinding that fight atleast 3 times. Fully understand the fight mechanics and positioning. Then when you get the hang of it, start studying sarth 1D and try that a few times. Jump to 2D or 3D after that and you should be fine. Just as long as the group is well geared.

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    Re: Need advice for Sarth 10 man

    Unless your really well geared 10 man sarth + 3 draks is the hardest encounter in the game atm if I'm not mistaken. So, with that said, how is your gear via the DPS? And how much DPS can they pump out?

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    Re: Need advice for Sarth 10 man

    its not clear from your post whether you have done sartharion 0 drakes at all?

    Sarth0 drakes is quite easy, but its a big jump from that to Sarth+tennebron. Once you have mastered Sarth+Tennebron its not much harder to do Sarth+Tennebron+Vesperon. Then its a big jump again to get up to 3 drakes.

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    Re: Need advice for Sarth 10 man

    Sart10+3 isn't really hard if you have good geared people.
    Only problem is that you need 3 tanks to do it easy in 10man setup and preferabbly feral dru tank with TONS of hp, or good geared DK tank or classes with survival rotation on your MT (paladin, disc/holy priest, hunter, DK with antimagic zone).

    But if you ask what adds to do when you do it with 1D or 2D:
    1D - Vesperon
    2D - Shadron + Vesperon

    Then you don't need a tank for those birds. Though with 1D 1 tank can easily tank all birds + tenebron.

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    Re: Need advice for Sarth 10 man

    I've completed the The Twilight Zone yesterday for the first time, in total we spend 5 hours on learning the encounter, fine tuning and executing.

    We used the following setup:

    DK - > tanks Sartharion the whole fight.
    Warrior - > tanks all the little nasty adds running around
    Druid - > tanking all 3 of the add drakes

    Disc Priest -> Healing the Sartharion tank the whole fight
    Paladin -> Healing both the Druid and Warrior tank the whole fight
    Shaman - > healing raid + the offtanks

    MM Hunter ( since we are using the 'charge' pet thing, BM is pretty useless
    Shadow Priest

    Our tactic was not that complicated, nor is the fight.

    We tank Sartharion where we stand before the fight starts.
    We ignore all portals untill the first 2 drakes are dead.
    We ignore all the adds untill the first 2 drakes are dead.

    ( Note: for us the first drake dies roughly when the third one lands I think, since I'm the Disc Priest in our setup I'm not that sure as I'm only paying attention to Sartharion, the DK, Void zones and the Fire Walls. )

    After the first 2 drakes are down we quickly aoe the adds down before our Warrior gets too much too handle, after that all the dps + the Shaman take the portal and kill one of the adds ( I don't remember which one, but the one that does that channel on Sartharion I think ).

    We finish off the third drake now. During this phase ( where the third drake is still alive ) healing the Sartharion tank is pretty intense, be sure to use Pain Suppression, the Intervene pet ability every cooldown to survive the breaths.

    After the third drake dies, kill all adds again and start dpsing Sartharion. the last 10% ( ? ) Sartharion enrages I think and you need to kill it quickly.

    Note : We use Heroism after the first Fire Wall when the first drake lands to kill it faster. When you do this you should have a second Heroism ready for the last 10% of Sartharion.

    It's really important no one dies on Void Zones, Fire Walls or on anything at all.
    If you find yourself having an add on you during the fight, don't run around mindlessly, it's pretty stressful for the Warrior to constantly picking up all the adds, just wait until he or she picks it off.

    Hope this helps in some way or another


    Firstaider, Unity, Jaedenar EU

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    Re: Need advice for Sarth 10 man

    Thanks for the replies.

    We've done sarth norm and heroic about 4 weeks now. We have split our good with our bad on 10's, so we've never even tried 1D. It's now to the point where the bads are still bad (getting hit by walls, and voids) because we have been at least trying 1D on 25's. We usually do sarth at the last moments of the week, so going in and wiping 3 to 4 times on 1D usually waste a lot of time and 3 or 4 people end up saying they have 1 more attempt. Then we just run it normal with no D's.

    I'm to the point where 10 man's dont matter anymore about loot in general. Plus the bads in the group should be able to handle normal sarth no matter what. Without drakes, sarth is a joke.

    But for some of the guys and gals that really try hard, I want there to be a group that can go for this achievement.

    I think this week we'll start out with 2D (although I've seen a couple of people say you should just try with 3D if you are going to go for 2D).

    Thanks for the replies. A lot of good info here to go by.

    I think I'm going to go with this setup this week:

    Either 2 pally tanks (great gear) and a dk (not greatly geared at tanking). For tanking. Our warrior is 10 man geared and our dk is the same. I would put the dk on the adds.

    Priest, pally, shaman heals. All are 25 man geared out.

    Hunter, rogue, lock, and either hunter or mage (mage might not be interested in the time it takes to learn this). I really don't get into the dps meters, but when they linked the meter off thaddius last night, each of these dps was top 5 and were at 4400+ (2 of them at 5k) But since I don't know how boss fights are different and what is the comparison to other boss or how good a number is for X boss, thats the only number I can give right now that I solidly know a stat on. (we also have about 4 people that die from the start due to lag, and another 3 that die during the fight as well. Something we can not fix besides excluding them from that fight, sucks for us, but we can't replace anyone right now due to only have barely enough on to run 25's)

    Thanks for the replies!

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