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    Enchanting, Inscription, Books and Wands...

    Ok I know this is a really old issue and most likely discussed hundreds of times...

    Today I was browsing through my enchanting recipes and spotted a long forgotten thing, enchanters could make few different wands but only a few and the best one was a lvl30 wand :-\,
    the reason why it stopped there has been a mystery to me so far and still is, I really don't see why Blizz wont make more wands craftable now with new expansion.

    I can make few off-hand items with inscription and couple of those are even epic ones, why not implement that same idea for wands, but without the same kind of retarded "fix" they made for the inscription off-hands (changed from being BoP to requiring certain amount of skill in inscription to use, I mean wtf! Never have I been fed such an obvious placebo before > I could understand that if they would be actually good items that would last longer than 1 week of heroics.

    Inscription is already slowly dying out as a moneymaker due to so much undercutting going on glyphs so more off-hands etc without skill requirements would give it a small spice it needs and same goes for those wands for enchanting.

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    Re: Enchanting, Inscription, Books and Wands...

    in the beta's blizz DID plan to have enchanters make lvl 80 wands, such as insc books. mats consisted of 75 void crystals each... and they were designed such as the lionheart blade and dragonmaw (or w/e) mace in BS, upgrading it to your specialty.

    Took it out tho. not sure why.

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    Re: Enchanting, Inscription, Books and Wands...

    It's probly because as with the BS weapons they are trying to get away from the final upgradable bop item that is the whole reason you roll the profession. according to the overall design policy they want to make it so that professions are more of a choice based on how you feel and less about min maxing but with JC being as stupid awesome as it is now they obviously still have some work to do.
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    Re: Enchanting, Inscription, Books and Wands...

    the enchanting wands were just stupid, you had to use ton of mats only to improve its dps
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